Don't Bring Camels in the Classroom

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Don’t bring camels in the classroom.
Don’t bring scorpions to school.
Don’t bring rhinos, rats, or reindeer.
Don’t bring mice or moose or mule. Pull your penguin off the playground.
Put your python in a tree.
Place your platypus wherever
you think platypi should be. Lose your leopard and your lemur.
Leave your llama and your leech.
Take your tiger, toad, and toucan
anywhere but where they teach. Send your wombat and your weasel
with your wasp and wolverine.
Hide your hedgehog and hyena
where you’re sure they won’t be seen. Please get rid of your gorilla.
Please kick out your kangaroo.
No, the teacher didn’t mean it
when she called the class a "zoo."

-Kenn Nesbitt

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