CCTV manufacturer says: Either Buy or cancel the order of 15 Lakh Camera in two weeks

Posted on 11th Feb 2015 05:06 pm by rohit kumar verma

As the report comes that the order is given by the country’s most honest person that gives me 15 lakh cameras and put them in every corner of the city.


On that a senior person of the CCTV Manufacturer says “After giving the order now the honest AAM AADMI is not picking up the order and not able to pick up the call, in-spite of talking to us he started an EVR which is saying that the person you are trying to call is busy in dancing with Muffler style, then songs starts   OPPA ke ke ke ke ke kejriwal Muffler Style yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………”


In addition to this, A senior person also told us to the resources that we already made and complete the order and it already shipped to him and we gives two week ultimatum to the AAM AADMI that if he will not pick up the consignment we took strict against him, took him to the court too.


 While Many other Manufacturer hold the next order in the queue but when they  call to the AAM AADMI, they are also facing the same issue that that the person you are trying to call is busy in dancing with Muffler style, then songs starts   OPPA ke ke ke ke ke kejriwal  Muffler Style yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………”


While AAM AADMI replies on this that we are enjoying our success which he was trying to get from last couple of years but some time they lost in the aroma of the red rose and sometime hand stop him. However we are trying to call the Manufacturers and plan to give more order to him and rest of we already sent some of ours Numaayende to pick up the consignment.  Rest of do not disturb our party because after setting up camera everywhere we cannot do it; camera can see everything.


So till the time let’s have OPPA Kejriwal Style. 

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