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Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date revealed, may be launched on this date
The launch of PUBG's new avatar Battlegrounds Mobile India has reached near. New updates are coming out about this game. Even though the company has not officially announced the launch date of this game, but its launch date is being revealed.     Game development company Crafton has shared a teaser on its social media platform which has raised the curiosity of fans and gamers about the possible launch date. "We know you've been waiting for us for a long time... we're so excited for

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Do you support Citizen Amendment Bill 2019 (CAB)?

A: Yes
B: No
C: I do not know what it is
D: Neutral

Polls till now

717 people say "Yes"
220 people say "No"
173 people say "I do not know what it is"
94 people say "Neutral"

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Ab Cake wali Photo Khichte Hai
पहले और अब में फोटो खिंचाने में फर्क आया है. पहले क्रीम- पाउडर लगाकर फोटो खिंचाते थे, अब cake लगा के फोटो खिंच  देते हैं!


start new row of pictures
on my site there is a featured auctions box that users will pay to get

jquery validation in codeIgniter
hai i need to add client side validation to my fiels which are selected in a forloop.the fields are

Creating XML with php
I need to creat an XML with php and have successfully produced a valid output. The problem I have is

Specific name typed, specific image shown on html page
Hello,Fairly new to PHP and was curious if someone might know how to solve a fairly simple request.I

Must be a string? Huh, what? HELP?
with the following script, I get Fatal error: Property name must be a string in /home/content/e/s/o/


What will happen in 2012 ??
The Mayan civilization predicted that on December 21, 2012 something will happen to the world we know. Something will happen that will change our civilization, value systems and the way we know human civilization forever. What does that means? What did the Mayan see through their spiritual wisdom?

Latest Poetry

Your Wounds
Time doesn’t heal wounds to make you forget.   It doesn’t heal wounds to erase the memories.   Time leaves you with a scar to remind you of how you fought through it.   Time leaves you with a scar to remind you of how you bled   and how you survived. You survived.

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Claim: Manoj Bajpayee got Rs 10 crore for The Family Man 2, know what the rest of the stars got? - Jun 11,2021

The most awaited web series which everyone was waiting for a long time has been released recently. We are talking about season 2 of The Family Man, which is currently the hot favorite of the audience. According to the news, the second season of this web series Family Man, released on Amazon Prime, is being told by the audience as better than the first season. The storyline of the film is tight and the suspense is such that once you start watching it, it becomes very difficult to get away from it.   In Season 1 of Family Man, Srikkanth (Manoj Bajpayee) and his team where they face a threat from Pakistan. At the same time, in the second season, Srikanth is seen taking on a tough organization like LTTE. There is not only a lot of action in the web series but there is also a lot of comedy at the right time. Let us tell you that after the release of this s

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