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Affordable fitness bands will also keep an eye on your health, sleep, and stress level see details
Nowadays everyone wants to keep themselves fit. Due to the corona epidemic, people are taking full care of their health and health. In such a situation, if you are also alert about fitness and want to monitor your daily activity, sleep, calories, and heart rate, then fitness bands are perfect for you. Nowadays fitness bands have both fashion and trend. This is the reason why you will see fitness bands in the hands of most people. If you also want to buy a fitness band with great features but aff

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Do you support Citizen Amendment Bill 2019 (CAB)?

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441 people say "Yes"
126 people say "No"
112 people say "I do not know what it is"
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Bina Shadi Ke Bana Gharjamai
  Bina Shadi Ke Bana Gharjamai


How to set pass login name from htaccess to php
When the user logs into my members page via htaccess, I'd like to retain the username so that I can

Sessions work for me and not others?
I'm having a bit of bad luck with sessions. In the past they have worked fine for me, but this time

Help a newbee save my job !
Hey guys i am dying here i am new to php and would like for someone to help me with this problemi ha

How to get the previous months last date....
Here's my wittle problem. I suck at working with dates.So today is 10/20/2009, i need to figure out

Pipe email to PHP - get mail adress from MySQL - send?
Hi all,this is the challenge:1) Our faculty at the college where I'm employed includes quite a bit o


Banarasi SAREE In the world of fashion ‘Banarasi Saree’ remains the Indian ‘SUN’ and has been a subject of great inspiration and appreciation for world-wide costume connoisseurs. These proposed episodes would try to fathom its historical continuance, record its tr

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Friendship Trust
After I knew the person you showed the world, I searched for the person you are. He was nowhere around Where was he to be found? Behind the person you wear? Can I see you without him there?   There are walls set up Life has never let up They have saved you in the past The area they cover is vast.   Do you know how it feels to be able to share in pain? For someone to be there

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Punjab Assembly passes resolution against new agricultural laws of Center, CM Amarinder Singh meets Governor - Oct 20,2020

Chandigarh: The Punjab Legislative Assembly has passed a resolution against three new agricultural laws of the Center. With this, Punjab has become the first state to do so concerning agricultural laws. After approving the proposal, Chief Minister Amarinder Singh along with his MLAs went to meet the Governor.     After the meeting, the Chief Minister said that the Agriculture Bill became a law after it was passed by the Parliament, but the Assembly unanimously rejected those Acts. We have passed a resolution and come here together. We gave copies of the proposal to the Governor and requested him to approve it.     Earlier, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh moved a resolution in the state assembly against three new agricultural laws of the Center. In the proposal, the proposed Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2020 of the Center was a

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