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Coronavirus Crisis: China 'Captures' N-95 Masks, Gloves, Goggle From World Market, Now Asking For Money
Beijing Half of the world's population is struggling with the Corona catastrophe. So far 82,000 people have been killed and 1.4 million people have been infected due to this epidemic. The corona epidemic began in Wuhan city of China and there are clouds of doubt worldwide about its role. Meanwhile, there has been a big reveal about China's role in the Corona disaster.   According to the report of the American newspaper ThePoachtimes, China bought N-95, medical protective suits, goggles,

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Saali Ko hi Bachaunga
संता - भाई कल जंगल  देखने चलेंगे बंता - मैं अपनी बीवी को भी लाऊंगा संता - अगर तेरी बीवी और साली दोनों शेर के पिंजरे में गिर गयी तो किसे बचाएगा बंता - बिलकुल भाई साली  को ही। 


Spliting paragraph into sentences and attach in
Here is what I am trying to doexample: Para1[123.456.789!] 3 sentences Para2[abc?defghij

Batch update record with Pagination
Hoping someone can help me with this issue I'm having, im trying to batch update records from a resu

PHP arrays into arrays need help
HelloI am trying to highlight the days on my calendar based on the dates that i have in my database.

How to ... (FAQs)
... get e-mail notifications As several people asked how to get e-mail notifications when new posti

str_replace help
I am thinking str_replace is my only option to filter outputs from my database to convert them to sa


Techronia Phone Support
When the statement "Click Here" isn't clear enough; when "Press any key to continue..." doesn't provide enough options; when "Are you sure you wish to format non-removable device?" is just not informative enough, Techronia will be there. Tony Pallers explains, "It

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The Whole World Adopt Indian Culture
  Have ever you thought. . . . The Whole World Adopt Indian Culture

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Side Effects Of Lockdown: 1600 Engagement Marriages Postponed, Loss Of 1.25 Billion Rupees, Livelihood Of 3.5 Lakh People - Apr 08,2020

The eclipse of the ongoing lockdown due to corona for the last 15 days has also been put on weddings in April-May. Only about 1600 marriages, tilaks, and engagement have been postponed in Lucknow alone. It is estimated that the business related to them is losing about one and a quarter billion due to postponement of marriages. The livelihood of about three and a half million people has been lost.   All the auspicious events in April are postponed, while about 90 percent of May weddings have been postponed. Surendra Sharma, president of the Hotel and Restaurant Association Lucknow, says that there are about 800 big and small hotels in Lucknow. Some are booked for weddings and some for small programs like Saagi, Tilak. Be it big hotels like Taj, Renaissance, Hyatt, Piccadilly, Clarke Awadh or hundreds of small hotels, the entire business is at a standst