issues verifying if user is logged in
I am having issues when a user logs in via asp Login control, the IsAuthenticated still seems to come up false... ( yes the username and password is c

How do I use ValidatorCallout extender in Login control?
Hi,I'd like to customize the look and feel of the login control a little bit. One thing I'd love to do is to use the ValidatorCallout extender in AJAX

Implementing Single Sign-On using SAML 1.1, x.509, LDAP in
Hi, I got a requirement from the client i.e implementing single sing on using SAML 1.1( LDAP & X.509)in .net. I searched almost entire internet b

Preventing SQL Injection
I have a question about SQL Injection, In some of our code we use this: view plaincopy to clipboardprint?Replace(inString, "'", "''") Replace(inSt

Customizing message/behavior
Hi,I'm using the ASP.NET membership/authorization controls in my application. Some parts of my application are reserved for users who are in certain r

Forgot password won't work
My forgot password thing is not working properly. It is giving me this errorMailbox unavailable. The server response was:

Windows Authentication
I have a website which is windows i want something more on this application.I want to add login as different user link which will o

IIS on 2003 anon access disabled issue
I have an IIS server that belongs to a domain, and anonymous access is turned off for all my sites. Users that belong to the 'WebUsers' domain group

Share admin accross websites
I'm using .net memberships and roles in one of my sites, but I need to be able to share logins and passwords for admins accross multiple sites that us

Sending CC Info by email
I am a little bit less knowledgable in the security area as most developers and I know I have a lot to learn so maybe this is a start. But I have a c

Restricted access to sub-folder in iis6 doesn't work?
Basically I'm trying to add restriction to sub-folder (which contains pdf) in web.config for iis6 as below.It doesn't work at all.

session checking in page load
hai all I have a web site is in this my login page is Page1.aspx its contain username and password after login i will g

[RESOLVED] Socket/Port remains open after app crashes
I'm having this problem with a networked app in the program exits normally the port closes fine, however, if it crashes sometimes it remains

Forms Authentication and Refresh at Login page
Hello, When I try to press the Login button in my webapplication at my login.aspx page nothing happens. I have to refresh the page then put my use

Login Control?!
I have a Web Site that uses the login control also I have set the destinationurl to the page I want to go to when logged in. I have then gone into t

How to use Ajax to verify data on a DB ?
Hello everyone, well i want to know how to check a value if it exists or not on a Data base and capturing this without making postback (no click on a

asp authentication problem
Hello all, I want to use the asp authentication (from configuration) in my web site. there user force to give special character for giving pa

Ajax not working on IE 6 for Windows CE
I've created a webpage which uses the classis Ajax in following format:view plaincopy to clipboardprint?function mytest() { try { xmlHTTP =

disabling a button server-side then re-enabling client-side breaks button postback
I have a tabbed container and a button (not in the container) on a page. If the first tab is selected, I want the button enabled. If the second is sel

TabControl Inside ListView Not Editing
Hello everybodyI have a ListView on my page. Inside the ListView I put a TabControl, cuz I want to put different input controls on seperate pages. The


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