Variable uses and placement
I'm new to PL/SQL and am trying to learn about variable valid uses/placement (any pointers to any docs is appreciated...) All of the docs I've looke

Request for tunning the below query
Hi, Can any one help me on the below query while improving the performance, SELECT accdet, acceprec, accinvalid, accnetanal, accphy, accvalid,

quick question about System Change Number(SCN) in FlashBack Query topic
i know tht we can get the SCN of the database using flashback concept as follows SQL> execute :myvariable:=dbms_flashback.get_system_change_numb

Varible in trigger - refering to correct schema
Hello Im having some issues with my trigger. What I want to do is call opon a different schema - depending on which data the triggers picks up.

Calling a Procedure with IN & OUT Parameters
Hello, I usually call my procedures using the following way declare variable error_msg varchar2(50) exec simple_msg('ABC,'ABC','ABC',:error_msg

why this query can delete duplicates ?
why this query can delete duplicates ? Anybody can give me the detailed explanation ? Thanks select salary from employees union select salary fr

with clause
hi all, i have a big query that usually access the same table more than once. for example, i have something like this select

All possible combinations of Strings from table in PL/SQL
Hi, I am trying to figure out how to build a list of all possible string combinations from values stored in a single table. There are multiple "

Add weeks in a query?
I have a SQL that summarizes the quantity per week. The weeks that has no value does not exist in the table. How can I add these missing weeks with a

All possible combinations of String in PL/SQL
Hi All, Could you please explain the logic of getting all possible combinations of String in PL/SQL? For ex if "HER" is string then the output s

Loop Through Date Range
Hi guys, I have date range as parameter like 01/JAN/2009 TO 16/JAN/2009 now i want to loop through this date range and want to get date like 01/JAN

How to sum these output values
Hi I need sum the month totals SELECT region_name, area_name ,SUM (CASE WHEN SUBSTR(yr_mth,5,2) = '07' THEN sales_target END) AS jul ,S

distinct rows
Hi version I have a query output something like the following ID name 1 aaaa 1 axbd 1 adga 2 sgfd 2

UTL File problem
Hi I have a file in certain path with the following permissions (The file is a dummy file without any contents)--Zero byte file. Permissions

Update data to upper case in parent/child tables
Hi Gurus! In production we have a product table and which is being reference by many tables making it parent child relationship. By mistake, we rea

Create or replace package is ending ORA-21700
Database 9.2.0., patch 8 ( I trying run create or replace package ....etc. I received ORA-21700. I find recommened action for that e

update 2 columns by doing inner 2-column query
Hi, is something like this possible? update contract_all set col1,col2 = (SELECT col1,col2 FROM tab1 WHERE id = 141 and status='a') where c

Record count of entire database
Does anyone know if there is a way to obtain the number of records in each table of the database using a single select statement or must a select coun

WS-Security PL/SQL Forms
Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - Prod PL/SQL Release - Production Forms 32 Bit Version (Productio

Select Rows as Columns..
is there a way to select COLUMN_NAME from user_tab_columns where table_name='TABLENAME'; and have the output as: COL1, COL2, COL3 instead of: COL1


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