how to load a Sys file with system load and call images?
normally you need register the module as a service with CreateService, and start the service _____________

Using Windows message as a Handle
Hi, I am writing one of my first multithreaded programs. In one of the thread, I am using WaitForSingleObject method to detect the USER LOG-OFF

TCP Sending Unsigned Char...
Hi... I want to send over tcp/ip some data, i have the data in hexadecimal, and when i try to send it, i have a few problems. I give the data as

Having problemswith multithreading and prime numbers
I have an assignment when I'm suppose to do the following: Write a multithreaded Java, Pthreads, or Win32 program that outputs prime numbers. This

Firewall / visited websites logger
Hi. I have a firewall implementation and I want to log all the websites visited on the machine. So when the user enters an address in the browser (

C++ Http request?
Code: string Response = "LOGIN_UNSUCCESSFUL"; System.Net.WebRequest request = System.Net.WebRequest.Create("http://mywebsite.com/u

connect() succeeds but accept() does not?
Please help me with this problem. I'm working on a time-sensitive project where I'm using TCP sockets. I've got this problem where most of the time a

Async WSAConnect failed on XP with error code = 2 ("File not found")
Hi all, I have very strange bug, please help me if you can. It is reproduced only on these conditions : WinXP, VS2005, VS2008, build in debug, e

Why does first ever HttpSendRequest take longer?
I promise this isn't as simple as it sounds. I'm wondering why the the first ever call to HttpSendRequest takes much longer than subsequent calls, eve

bind error during socket programming
i am kinda new to socket programming. wrote the below code for a server. but getting the bind error everytime. i even tried changing the port number(c

i want run some web server under the ip sharer
hello i want run some web server under the ip sharer my ip is floating ip but it doesnt matter since i can use DDNS first what i do is Install and

send() and recv() parameters confusion
On server Side: int recv (Socket,Buffer, Length, Flags) On Client Side: int send (Socket,Message, Length, Flags) can anyone plz tell me weathe

Binding 2 UDP sockets on same port, connected to different destinations, 1 receives
Hello, My application wants to send/recv data to 2 different UDP ports on a remote computer, using the same source port. So I bind to the same local

Sending UDP Raw socket
I truly need help on this. I am trying to write a test program that simulate a network environment that have 5 clients and 1 server. To do so, I nee

InternetOpenUrl() Invalid cert
Hi all, Does anyone know how to prevent calls to InternetOpenUrl() from failing with error 12045 (ERROR_INTERNET_INVALID_CA)? I have the following

UDP Multicast question
Hey, Im not really in the know when it comes to network related programming and activities, i know the diference between TCP/UDP and have the jist

Bluetooth RSSI & VIsta
Okie I got 4 Bluetooth adapters, a DBT-120 by Dlink, A Zonet Microsoft Bluetooth which is what I used with 32Feet and another TOS Bluetooth Adapter, a

cstdatomic (c++0x std::atomic) / g++ 4.4
Hello, I'm trying to use cstdatomic (std::atomic in the upcoming c++0x standard) in g++ 4.4, but it doesn't seems to work as expected and I would

Deleting pointers froms vector?
Hi. I have a vector filled with pointers and I want to delete the pointers. I could do a loop and do delete on all indexes, but my question is that if

How to copy a part of a vector in a raw memory
Hi, How can I copy a part of a vector into a memory: 123456789 long ReadAt(T* pData, long items, long& pos) { ... check vector bound ..


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