Yo mamma so stupid she put two M&M's in her ear and said she was listening to Eminem.

Parked Car

Yo mama so stupid, she got hit by a parked car.

Plasma TV...

Yo momma is so fat when she sat on an iPad she made a plasma TV.

A Bakery...

Yo momma's so fat, she has more rolls than a bakery.

World Wide

Yo mamma is so fat she doesn't need the internet, because she's already world wide.

Facebook se Alag Dunia

संता अपने बेटे की फेसबुक की लत से परे

New Lamborghini

Girl : I want to breakup with you.

You don't ever call me, you get lost.

Boy :

Types of Woman

Types of Woman:

HARD-DISK woman:
She remembers everything, FOREVER.
RAM woman

Pahle Matlab

संता (बंता से)- आई एम गोइंग का मतलब बता

Student Life

Truth of student life -

First bench student knows how to answer every pro

Aji Sunte Ho

Wife:- Aji Sunte Ho Ji?
Husband:- Kya?
Wife:- Wo Gu

Five Minutes

True Story:
In Bed, Its 6:00 am, If u close ur eyes for 5 minutes,

Mobile ki Battery

Zindagi mein baaki kuch 100% ho na ho.
Ghar se bahar Nikalte waqt.<

Typing Speed


Netaji Apka Beta

टीचर- नेता जी आपका बेटा फेल हो गया है औ

Teddy Bear

What a Cute Answer?

Girlfriend: You think I am fat now??

Boyfriend: No baby,

You Have No Brain

Teacher: Can you see God?

Class: No

Teacher: Can you touch God?

Class: No

Translate in English


Raat Bhar Padhunga

Exam ki raat student ne toss kiya.


Before Lending Notebooks

What Girls do before lending Notebooks:

1. Time pe wapas de dena.
2. Kho mat dena.<


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