Give me all your tricks for minimizing jar file size
Hi, I'm coming close to releasing my J2ME game... I am kicking up against the 64k size barrier which I have imposed as a maximum size for my game. I w

How to implement HTTP connection timeout
Hi All,I would like to implement an HTTP connection timeout.I am working on a application which uses HTTP connection, but the problem here is that the

How do I create a 2D game "camera" to follow player?
In J2ME programming I'm targeting MIDP 2.0 devices.I'm using gamecanvas and I was thinking that I could create my full world (640 x 480) using a Tiled

Ball movement
I want to move a ball from one point to another and it should hit a group of balls at the other end and scatter them.Could You kindly explain with sa

Automatically Detect Phone Model for WAP Jar Deployment
Making a wap site is fairly simple, but I'd like to know if there's a way to make it so that the wap site automatically detects the phone model and de

Can anyone suggest me how may i know a page is updated before it is being downloaded, so that i can recrawl it.although i have used page info but that

socket communication between c++/java and sending image
hi, i have a class in c++ called win32_sockserver which creates socket to java. i am trying to send image c++ to java and using the most basic method.

Serial number of exernal hard disk/Thumbdrive
Hi guys, I am new tio java networking concepts.Please tel me how to get Serial number of exernal hard disk/Thumbdrive using java code.and it shoul

LinkedList help
Ok so I just learned quickly about lists, so I have a not too hard project I think, but am having a few issues:Here is the project. Create a lovely po

Applet JTextField Size Problem
Hello,I recently started making an applet to calculate certain values for airplanes. However, Gui has proved to be a problem. The JFormattedTextFields

Memory Allocation
Hi folks,see this ex:int v=5;v=v+10;then what will do the compiler before the output come as 15.Please explain me technically.

Regular expression tips or resources
Hello! I'm having some issues implementing the appropriate regex patter to eliminate unwanted characters from a string.Here is a sample string: Cod

batch file not building to webapps folder
Hello. I just started running Vista :P and can't seem to get my projects deployed. I found out how to run the .bat file, but my project isn't in the

Sorting JTable on more than just the values listed in the columns
I have a collection of objects that store (among other things) two integer values. I only want to display one of these values. The displayed value wil


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