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Covid 19: Infection of KP1 and KP2 variants of Corona reached India, and this has caused havoc in Singapore.
Countries around the world are worried about the new wave of Corona in Singapore. Now it has come to light that the variant of Corona w

Covid-19: Are lockdown like situations happening again? Increasing cases of FLiRT variant scare, be careful
Cases of coronavirus infection are being seen increasing once again in many countries. There has been a huge surge in infecti

Covishield Side Effects: AstraZeneca recalls COVID-19 vaccine from the market, complaints of blood clotting and low platelet count registered
Britain's leading pharma company AstraZeneca, which has provided the vaccine worldwide during the Covid pandemic, has started recalling it from the ma

COVID: AstraZeneca had admitted in the court about the side effects of the vaccine, and had told about the risk of even heart attack and stroke.
There is continuous controversy regarding Covishield. Vaccine maker AstraZeneca admitted for the first time in a British court last month that its COV

'Covaxin is completely safe, no side effects', Bharat Biotech said - people's safety was the priority while making the vaccine.
Bharat Biotech claimed on Thursday that its anti-coronavirus vaccine Covaxin is safe. It has no side effects. Bharat Biotech made this

Covishield: Covishield can cause blood clots; Vaccine maker AstraZeneca admitted side effects
Vaccine maker AstraZeneca has admitted for the first time in a British court that its COVID-19 vaccine may cause rare side effects like TTS. TTS 

Covid-19: Corona knocks in Delhi, surge in infection for the first time since May, why are cases increasing in hot weather?
Four years later, Corona remains a major risk to global health. An increase in its cases has been seen from time to time. After November-December 2023

COVID-19: Be careful even if there is an infection with mild symptoms, this health problem is seen in 77% of people
The threat of coronainfection has continued worldwide for more than four years. So far, more than 70.28 crore people have been affected by the infecti

COVID-19: China's warning - Corona cases may increase again this month, claims in the report
Corona cases have been comparatively less in China since the New Year, but now the Chinese government has warned that the cases of coronavirus infecti

COVID Update: 609 new cases of coronavirus reported in 24 hours, 3 patients died; Mock drill started in some states
Covid cases have started declining once again in the country. The Health Ministry said on Friday that 609 new cases of Covid have been registered in I

Covid-19: What was feared happened, more than 10 thousand deaths occurred worldwide due to Corona in December, this is the main reason
Cases of coronavirus infection are being seen increasing rapidly globally, especially due to the new variant of Corona JN.1, there are reports of the

Covid-19: 760 new cases reported in 24 hours, Covid Task Force issues guidelines for infected people
The new variant of Corona, JN.1, is being reported to be increasing in many countries of the world including India. According to media reports, in man

Corona Cases in India: Coronavirus is scaring, 602 new cases found in the country Five people died
Corona Cases in India: A decrease in Corona cases was recorded in the country a day ago, but today once again an increase in Corona cases has been rec

COVID-19: Corona infection once again gained momentum in the country, 636 new cases in 24 hours, JN.1 patients crossed 200.
636 new cases of corona infection have been reported in the country, due to which the number of patients under treatment has increased to 4,394. Also,

Covid-19: JN.1 variant is increasing problems across the world, infectious disease expert makes 'scary claim'
Corona is once again seen growing rapidly globally. Studies show that there is a continuous mutation in the virus, resulting from this, the new sub-va

Covid JN.1 Case in India: A new variant of Corona JN-1 is spreading rapidly, highest number of cases in Goa and one death in Rajasthan.
A case of infection with the new sub-variant JN-1 of Corona has come to light in the capital Delhi and Rajasthan. This variant has been confirmed in f

Corona Alert: Home isolation mandatory for Corona-infected people in this state, government's decision amid increasing cases
Along with many countries of the world, Corona cases have started increasing in India too. After Kerala, now the number of newly infected people in Ka

COVID-19 Cases: Corona gained momentum in the country, active cases increased to 2997, with one death in Kerala
Corona infection seems to be gaining momentum in the country. On Friday, 640 new cases of coronavirus were registered in the country. After this, the

The world under the shadow of Corona: Cases increased in India, condition of Britain is bad; know 10 important things related to the new format JN.1
Amidst increasing concerns over the JN.1 variant of Coronavirus, the World Health Organization has appealed to the people to remain alert. Meanwhile,

Covid-19 Cases: JN.1 variant of Corona is spreading across the world, spreading in India also; An Expert gave this advice
COVID-19 Cases in India Cases of the new variant JN.1 of Corona have started increasing rapidly across the world. Till now its cases have been found i


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