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Coronavirus: Corona raising its head again in the country! New cases crossed thousand in 24 hours; See the statistics of the last 10 days
Corona infection is once again raising its head in the country. For the last few days, there is a continuous increase in the cases of the corona. The

Corona: Corona's new variant XBB 1.16, which is spreading rapidly in the country, has raised concerns, as revealed in INSACOG's data
There is a continuous increase in the cases of corona in the country. Meanwhile, the XBB 1.16 variant has been found in 76 samples of Covid-19. This v

Report: Apart from XBB, other forms of corona including Omicron disappeared, information found in the weekly review of INSACOG
Big changes are again visible in the coronavirus. Except for XBB, the rest of the forms of Corona are now disappearing. These include other subspecies

Corona Update: The graph of Corona is increasing in the country, 283 new cases came to the fore; Active cases rise to 2,525
The world has been grappling with the Covid-19 pandemic for almost the last three years. Which has caused huge damage to the economy. Even at present,

Marburg Virus: Along with Corona, this new virus has increased the concern of the world including India, if you see these symptoms, be alert
After the Coronavirus infection, another virus has increased the concern of the world. The virus named Marburg has killed nine people in Africa so far

Corona Update In India: Relief from Corona in India, 125 cases came in the last 24 hours; The number of patients recovering increased
Covid-19 in India: The faster the cases of corona in the country had increased, the faster they are now declining. Within the last 24 hours, 125 new c

Corona threat in the country and the world: If the corona ban was lifted in China, 5 lakh people moved, but cases did not come from 16 states of India
Since the end of the Zero Covid policy in China on January 8, the number of people coming and going from the country has crossed 5 lakhs. Which is 48%

Coronavirus in India: 128 new cases of corona in the country, so many patients recovered in last 24 hours
There has been a slight jump in the cases of the corona virus in India. The Health Ministry said that in the last 24 hours, 128 new cases of Covid-19

Covid-19 in China: Corona threat again in China! Migrants returning home on Lunar New Year will increase their difficulties
The risk of corona in China may increase further. Lakhs of workers are returning to their homes to celebrate Lunar New Year. By Friday, their number m

Corona Vaccine: DCGI approves to launch Covax in the market, expert committee recommends
The Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) has approved the COVID-19 vaccine Covax to be marketed as a heterologous booster dose for adults. Covax ca

Coronavirus Update: India has the lowest number of Covid-19 cases since March 2020, active cases also declined
Coronavirus Update: India has recorded the lowest number of Covid-19 cases since March 2020. According to the data updated by the Union Health Ministr

China Coronavirus: Crowd of people at railway stations and airports, fear of this is troubling experts
Coronavirus in China: Coronavirus has caused widespread devastation in China. Despite the dire situation, the government has resumed air and rail serv

Coronavirus in China: High-speed rail service between Hong Kong and China started after three years of Covid restrictions
Coronavirus in China: The increasing cases of coronavirus in China have destroyed the lives of people. High-speed rail services between Hong Kong and

China: Retrenchment in China after Corona, employees of COVID test kit manufacturer Zybio protest
After the outcry from Corona in China, amidst the news of the slow pace of the economy, news of the retrenchment of workers is also being received fro

Coronavirus: How deadly is the new variant of Corona for children, why viruses come in the role of carrier
The new wave of coronavirus epidemic in many countries including China, and America has increased the concern of the world. Infection of the new varia

Covid-19 in China: After South Korea, China now imposes restrictions on Japan, ban on citizens' visas
Chinese embassies have stopped issuing new visas for South Korean and Japanese citizens amid increasing cases of corona in China. Let us tell you that

Covid Vaccine: Covovax will be approved as a booster vaccine in 10-15 days – Adar Poonawala
Covovax Booster Vaccine: Covovax Vaccine will be approved in the next 10 to 15 days as a booster vaccine against Covid-19. This was stated by Adar Poo

India COVID Update: The country got control over Corona, and the positive rate is decreasing rapidly
There is a decrease in the cases of corona in the country. According to the report presented by the Ministry of Health, 170 cases of corona have been

Covid-19 In China: China issues new Covid control protocol, emphasis on monitoring mutated variants
Because of the increasing cases of coronavirus in China, the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council of the country released the 1

Covid-19 In China: New wave of the corona is not stopping in China, trial production of mRNA vaccine started
There is a continuous increase in corona cases in China. The cases of corona are increasing to such an extent that the health services of the neighbor


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