Corona: How dangerous are the variants in the UK, South Africa, and Brazil?

Posted on 23rd Jan 2021 03:51 pm by rohit kumar

New variants of the coronavirus are emerging that are far more contagious than their original virus.


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that there is some evidence that the variant of Corona being effective in the country probably has a higher death rate.


Scientists have begun studying these altered coronavirus forms and are assessing how dangerous they are.


What are these new variants?


The UK variant, which has spread to more than 50 countries of the world, in addition to most of the UK.


The South African variant, which has been found in at least 20 other countries of the world, including the UK.


Brazil variant


There is nothing new in the development of new variants of the virus. All viruses mutate and they make new copies to spread and grow.


Several thousand different versions or variants of the coronavirus are spreading at this time.


Most of these changes are not of deep impact. Even some variants are harmful for the survival of the virus itself. However, some variants are also more contagious and dangerous.


Are new variants more dangerous?


At present, there is no evidence that any of these variants will cause more serious illness.


As with the original version, these variants are also more risky for the elderly or those already suffering from diseases.


Some research about the new UK variant has said that there is a greater risk of death due to this.


However, experts in Britain say that this evidence is not very strong and the data about this is still uncertain.


Measures such as washing hands, keeping distance from other people, and covering the face will help in preventing infection.


Since the ability to spread easily is seen in the new variants, people need to be more cautious.


What changes are coming in the virus?


Variants in Britain, South Africa, and Brazil may be more contagious or spread faster than their previous versions.


There have been changes in spike proteins in all of them. It is the part of the virus that connects with human cells.


As a result, these variants have become more active in infecting and spreading cells.


Experts believe that the emergence of Britain or the 'Kent' strain occurred in September and is 70 percent more contagious.


However, according to recent research by Public Health England, it has been kept between 30% and 50%.


Due to this variant, recent lockdowns have been imposed in Britain.


At the same time, the emergence of the South African variant took place in October and it has seen far more significant changes in the spike protein than in the UK variant.


It has one mutation similar to that of Britain as well as two more mutations. Regarding them, scientists believe that they can further interfere with the effective ability of the vaccine.


One of these antibodies can make the virus successful in escaping part of the immune system. This research is being learned by some research.


Britain has banned direct flights from South Africa and has also banned flights going to South Africa.


Those traveling to South Africa recently or coming in contact with them have been asked to immediately quarantine.


The Brazilian variant emerged in July and has seen three significant changes in its spike protein. Due to them, it looks like a South African variant.


Due to this, the UK government has banned flights from South America and Portugal.


Will the vaccine work?


Studies are being done to ascertain this and some preliminary results have shown that Pfizer's vaccine is successful in protecting against the new UK variant.


The current vaccines were built around the previous variants. But, scientists believe that these should also prove effective against new variants. Although it may not be so.


The vaccine prepares the body to attack many parts of the virus, however, it does not contain only these parts of the spike protein.


Some such variants may also emerge in the future. Experts say that the vaccine may need to be redesigned within weeks or months.


A new shot is given every year in the flu vaccine to cope with the changes in the flu virus. The same may have to be done with the coronavirus vaccine.


What is being done?


More variants of Corona will emerge.


There are scientific alerts from all over the world and important variants are being closely studied and monitored.


Britain's Vaccine Development Minister says that if needed, measures are being taken to produce another consignment of vaccines.

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