What is the role of Chinese Ambassador in Indo-Nepal dispute

Posted on 4th Jul 2020 01:49 pm by rohit kumar

At a time when most of China's diplomats are trying to advance their foreign policy agenda in an apocalyptic way, Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Hao Yankee has done a lot to win the heart of this small country in the lap of the Himalayas. Only different gentle methods have been adopted.


The way Hao Yankee works is completely different from other Chinese diplomats.


The global media has used strong words like 'Wolfe Warriors' for Chinese diplomats because according to them, Chinese diplomats have used furious and disrespectful ways to defend China and at times accuse them of creating unbridled intrigue.


Due to the new political map of Nepal, it should be a matter of concern for India, amid the ongoing diplomatic tension from Nepal.


Nepal in its new map has included those areas which currently hold India but Nepal has been claiming them.


Ambassador Hao Yankee is receiving significant coverage in the media of Nepal and India due to this spectacular success of taking Nepal to Chinese lodgings.


Senior journalist Jyoti Malhotra has written an article on the news website The Print.


In this article, referring to the Chinese ambassador to Nepal, Jyoti Malhotra writes, "The growing popularity of Hao Yankee is on everyone's tongue these days in Nepal. However, it is part of their work to snatch Nepal from India's cultural lap Pull us to China. And from every point of view, she is succeeding in this task. "


India is lagging on diplomatic land?

Many people blame India's policy for strengthening China's diplomatic roots in Nepal.


India and Nepal left the border dispute similarly and did not attempt to resolve it. But despite such strong cultural and economic ties between the two countries, neither of them completely trusts each other.


The matter worsened this year when Nepali Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli made a successful attempt to pull the Nepal-India border afresh, inciting people's sense of extremism to increase its declining popularity.


It is being said that this step of Oli shocked India, but India should not be shocked because in the 2018 election, Oli had launched an anti-India campaign and during the election campaign, accused India of internal politics of Nepal. I interfere a lot.


During this time China was engaged in strengthening its relationship with Nepal with its money and other help.


For two years, Chinese Ambassador Hao Yankee in Nepal was telling the world very much during this time that China is doing so much for Nepal.


Diplomacy via Tweet

Hao Yankee is one of those Chinese diplomats who use Twitter well especially on social media. Twitter itself is banned in China, but Chinese diplomats use Twitter to improve China's image, elevate its voice, and defend China's controversial policies.


Hao has more than 40,000 followers on Twitter and she always reminds them all how deep the relationship between China and Nepal is.


Sometimes she congratulates the New Year, sometimes presents a ticket to films, sometimes portraits taken in a very artistic way, and sometimes retweeted the sultry tweets of her peers.


These days, most of his tweets are to defend the allegations of hiding the information of the Corona epidemic on China. Apart from this, she also tweets about Nepal's help from China during the Corona epidemic.


She does all this very quietly, only once did she call Nepal English newspaper Kathmandu Post bad when the newspaper published an article in which China was held responsible for the Coronavirus going out of control.


In January, Hao tweeted an interview of some Nepali students living in the Chinese city of Wuhan (from where Corona began). Nepali students were saying that their health is fine, but it is a matter of time when the world did not start holding China responsible for Corona.


If you go to their social page, then without much effort you will know how much they appreciate the growing proximity of China and Nepal.


In April, he tweeted in the Nepali language, "We are neighbors who are connected by mountains and rivers. May our friendship be immortal".


Recently he tweeted, "The friend who comes in handy when in need is a friend. China will always stand with Nepal."


Hao Yankee's activism and diplomatic activities in Nepal are opposite to the way India works.


Despite Nepal's constant efforts, India did not even agree to talk about the border dispute and kept rejecting the legitimate complaints of Nepal saying that Nepal is doing all this at the instigation of China.


Struggle for dominance

Due to the humble attitude of the Chinese Ambassador to Nepal, it is difficult to find out how much he interfered in Nepali politics.


Some believe that he played an important role in saving the ruling Communist Party of Nepal, divided into factions, and if Ambassador Yankee had not intervened, Prime Minister Oli would have been shown the way out.

Diplomatic people mostly stay away from the internal politics of the country with their posting, but this is not often the case in Nepal.


Lokraj Baral, who was Nepal's ambassador to India, said in an interview with the Nepali Times, "We are looking at the new claim of China to micro-manage Nepali politics for its foreign policy. Huh."


Baral further said this claim of China reminds us that till a few years ago, India used to play the same role in Nepal.


It is no wonder that Ambassador Hao Yankee has become a cause of trouble for India.


Wion, a private English news channel in India, described the Chinese ambassador to Nepal as "the brains behind Nepal's divorce from India."

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