A Crush...

Posted on 31st Jul 2020 03:43 pm by rohit kumar

I think your sweet, your smiles the best

your laugh bring flutters to my chest

your gorgeous, kind and smart as well

I like your walk and how you smell

like a rose or maybe lilies

you make me feel all warm and silly

I say your summer and that's no lie

your sight brings blue into my sky

I'm glad I finally got the nerve

to ask if your heart I had earned

so here's to you on valentines day

and happy 17th by the way

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I Love You My Love

I love how we

tease each other with

tantalizing words

throughout the day;

Storm Of Fears

The winds are wild

The lightning strikes

The thunder booms

The storm is c

Being With You

You bring the sunshine to my rain.

You give me love when I feel pain.


The Kiss That Was

have you ever had a kiss

that took you on a bliss

and left you with shaking knees

You Used Me

You used me.

I thought you were the key,

But the truth is that you used me,

My Sweet Love

I see you in my thoughts and dreams.

When I awake, how real it seems.

You aren't

It Is Gone

The way I used to smile,

and love our favorite song

The way it felt so right

I Wish I Could Hide

I wish I could run away, I wish I could hide

From all the pain he has caused me inside.

It's Time To Really Let You Go

Letting you go is not easy

No matter how hard I try

I cannot seem to get you out

Be The Best Of Whatever You Are

 If you can't be a pine on the top of the hill,

 Be a scrub in the valley 

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