I Wished For Your Love On A Shooting Star

Posted on 19th Feb 2021 03:05 pm by rohit kumar

I wished for your love on a shooting star

and didn't think my wish would get too far.

Then you opened your heart and let me in,

that's where this crazy love story begins.


You took my hand as I took yours,

and quickly one year turned to four.

Ups and downs, with a few bad falls,

being with you seems like we've been thru it all.


And now we sit here on opposite ends,

with so much love for each other but just friends.

How did we let everything go so wrong

when the connection between us is so strong?


But I can tell you this poem is true,

and I wrote this poem just for you.

To let you know how we got this far,

cuz I wished for your love on a shooting star.


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