How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

For most guys, it is tough striking a conversation with a girl they like. The problem with guys usually lies in the fact that either they think too much or too little. For geeks and nerds, girls are like a different species from outer space! So no wonder, they have absolutely no clue about how to start a conversation with a girl they like. When you see a nice girl who simply takes your breath away, through her beauty and charm, it is tough saying something intelligible, forget striking a conversation! I have totally been there too. So trust me guys, I understand.

However conversation must happen and you must break the ice as soon as possible. The sooner, the better! Otherwise, you will be busy framing sentences and planning strategies, while some other guy not only strikes a conversation, but also asks her out.

I am reminded of Robin Williams's line in 'Good Will Hunting', 'Sorry guys, got to see about a girl.' He misses one of the greatest baseball games in history to meet this girl in a bar who ends up being his soul mate for life. The moral of the story is he takes initiative and that is why he doesn't end up thinking about some girl he met in some bar years ago, but has a lifetime of memories with her! So I say to you guys, 'Carpe Diem', that is, seize the day and the moment! Strike up a conversation!

You do not have to be a Don Juan or an expert in female psychology to start a conversation with a girl. I am not sure if girls even like the Don Juan types or the shrinks! Every girl is different and you cannot typecast girls into categories. There is no perfect formula to have a nice conversation with any girl. Sometime things work out, sometimes they don't. Still you must take initiative and talk. Here are some tips on how to start a conversation with a girl, borne out of my own limited experience.

How to start a conversation and keep it going is an art. The thing that keeps it going is a genuine interest in the other person!

Tips on How to Start a Conversation with a Girl

Be Confident
If you are confident of yourself, half the battle is already won! Striking up a good conversation is all about confidence. Girls like talking to guys who exude confidence. By confident, I do not mean over-confident! It is important to have that cool demeanor that comes from a person who believes in himself and is optimistic about life.

Smile and Look into Her Eyes!
A warm smile is an essential pre-requisite when you approach the girl. Smile, you do not need to grin. A disarming smile will not only put her at ease, but will also put you at ease when she smiles back. Look into her eyes when you talk to her! This is very important as it exudes confidence and ensures her attention. Eye contact is actually a non-verbal conversation. You will know a lot about her by just looking into her eyes and she will too.

Avoid Pick up Lines!
Please avoid pick up lines at all costs. Not only does it show your inability to be original, but it also shows your inability to think. Pick up lines also throw a light on your intentions of starting the conversation and show a desperate personality. Appearing needy and desperate is the last thing you want! Let your conversation starter be a friendly remark that gets her to talk. Practice, how to start a casual conversation.

Be Thoughtful and Observant!
Okay, then how do you come up with a friendly remark? Observe what she is carrying with her and where she is! Observation will give you the cues you need! Figure out what she is looking for there! See if you could be of any help or if you could ask for help about something. Girls love to help out!

Look for common interests. If she is carrying a book ask her about it. If she is in a music store and selects an album you like, start with 'That one's my favorite too.'

A plain and simple 'Hi!' and introducing yourself may work too. Observe and ask simple questions, but do not barrage her with questions! Avoid Yes/No type questions, ask something which would get her talking.

Be Simple and Genuine!
Be as simple and genuine as you can be. The trick is to be yourself and convey your genuine interest in her. You can share some experience of yours with her. A similar experience connects you two together.

Let There Be Humor!
Humor is the essential ingredient of conversation. The sooner you get her to smile in the conversation, the longer will be the conversation. Then chances are that if she likes you too, she herself will take the responsibility of continuing the conversation. Nothing connects two people together like having a laugh together. If you get her to laugh with you, things are going great!
Listen to what she is saying carefully. That gives you cues to continue your conversation and make intelligent remarks. That also shows your presence of mind. Girls like guys who listen. Soulful conversations can connect people for life.

In the end, what matters is the positive vibes you send through your body language and personality. There is no sure fire technique, but being genuine usually works. Hope this article has given you some idea about how to start a conversation with a girl you like. As I said before, seize the moment and talk to her! There is a risk she won't respond, but those who risk nothing, are nothing and hardly get what they want in life! So go for it guys!

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