Rapid Weight Loss Diet Plan

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Follow a three-stage rapid weight loss diet plan to shed off those extra pounds in a few days time. This plan helps you lose weight without stopping you from eating the chocolates and ice-creams you love to eat. Know about the plan and make it your lifestyle.
Are you someone who always looks for a short cut to lose weight? Are you tired of following rapid weight loss diet plans that force you to keep yourself away from your favorite chocolates and deserts? Are you the one who just can't exercise strenuously to lose weight? No need to worry as you can surely lose while eating your most cherished candies.

The only thing you need to do is to first prepare a rapid weight loss plan and then follow it for life long. This plan is such that you never feel bored of and are always enthusiastic to follow it. It is designed in a way that it acts as an emotional support to keep you optimistic and affirmative towards following it. Take a look to learn about it.

The aim of an ideal rapid weight loss diet plan is to make you lose weight fast while you eat to your satisfaction. The aim is to replace the foods that only generate craving and increase the fat formation in the body with the ones that are filling and wholesome. Such a plan works wonders in a few days but the main goal is to keep hold of the achievement, i.e., maintain your lightened body weight. This plan has three stages. All the stages are discussed in brief here.

Rapid Weight Loss Diet Plan: Stage 1
The stage 1 of the rapid weight loss plan involves following a diet free from carbohydrates and fats. This stage requires you to completely avoid taking foodstuffs such as pastries, pastas, pizzas, bread, baked goods, cheese, cereals, fruits, honey, alcohol and meat. You need to eat normal meals of green vegetables, fish, eggs, peanuts, tofu, turkey bacon and veal.

Make your breakfast, lunch and dinner out of the recommended food items. You are supposed to take snacks between the breakfast and the lunch and also between the lunch and the dinner. The stage 1 has to be followed continuously for fourteen days. Of course, it is a bit difficult to implement but all the efforts are duly paid. During this period of two weeks, you would lose about 8-10 pounds.

In the first stage of the rapid weight loss diet plan, you lose about 8-12 pounds in a short period of time. As per the scientific research on natural weight loss, losing weight at the rate of three pounds per week is normal in the initial stage but is highly non-recommendable for long as the body starts losing the muscle mass later on. This, in turn, weakens the immune system of the body. Losing weight rapidly also loosens the skin and it is tough to tone it up. Keeping these points in mind, the second stage is designed such that the weight loss of the body comes under control.

Rapid Weight Loss Diet Plan: Stage 2
The second stage of rapid weight loss diet plan does not aim at rapid shedding of calories. It re-introduces carbohydrates and fats. You are allowed to start eating carbohydrates and fats again, but keep a check of their intake amount. Suppose, you want to eat a piece of chocolate cake, you can have one but only once a month. Similarly, you can eat your other favorite food items in this manner. During this stage, try your level best to follow a low carbohydrate and high protein diet. Instead, the goal of the second stage of rapid weight loss diet plan is to lose weight at a slower pace, about two to three pounds in ten days.The stage 2 lasts till the time you have achieved your target body weight. Thus, its duration differs from person to person.

It would be highly appreciated if you exercise moderately. You don't need to join any gym but do some light physical activities, e.g, walking for about half an hour, swimming for fifteen minutes, cycling for a half hour and use the stairs in place of lift wherever possible. Increase your daily intake of water. Try to drink minimum 10-12 glasses of water daily. Sound sleep is a must for a healthy body. Make sure that you are sleeping about eight hours in a day. In the first stage, you came to know what to eat and what to eat in smaller amounts. Continue following that regime,and try to cut short the quantity of meals but remember to eat frequently. Suppose, you take four slices of bread in the breakfast. From now, eat only one slice in the breakfast and eat the other slice of bread after two hours from the breakfast time. Do the same with other meals as well. All the above mentioned ways would increase your rate of metabolism and eventually, the rate of fat and carbohydrate consumption.

Rapid Weight Loss Diet Plan: Stage 3
The stage 3 of the rapid weight loss diet plan begins once you have hit your target body weight. After completing the first and the second stages of the diet plan for weight loss, you have sub-consciously developed a healthy eating habit. Continue following that. Whenever you notice any increase in your body weight, check for the ingredients responsible for it and reduce their intake. Pursuing healthy lifestyle habits is the only key to a slim body. Your healthy eating habits not only make you slim but also change the blood chemistry of your body. It further reduces the risk of a number of cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks, coronary failure, etc. The stage 3 should be followed life-long.

Nowadays, many people obsessed with weight loss, get influenced by the rapid results of various weight loss pills. These weight loss pills work by killing hunger and forcing the body to burn fat. The result of their usage is certainly rapid weight loss but is often followed by a rapid weight gain later on. So, taking rapid weight loss pills to lose weight is never a wise idea. The most practical, self-friendly and long lasting decision is to make a feasible rapid weight loss diet plan and then follow it.

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