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Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Hello I am currently working a form here, and I have everything figured out except when I click the return button from my preview view. the information is lost in all the textarea's. Any clue what I am doing wrong here? It doesn't matter what is typed into the textarea just need to return to the editing view with the information.


Code: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
<html xmlns="">
<title>Lesson Plan</title>
<LINK REL=StyleSheet HREF="../style.css" TYPE="text/css" MEDIA=screen>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />
$emailTo = '';
$session = $_POST['session'];
$module = $_POST['module'];
$subject = $_POST['subject'];
$jobTask = $_POST['jobTask'];
$trainingObjective = $_POST['trainingObjective'];
$subobjective1 = $_POST['subobjective1'];
$subobjective2 = $_POST['subobjective2'];
$subobjective3 = $_POST['subobjective3'];
$subobjective4 = $_POST['subobjective4'];
$subobjective5 = $_POST['subobjective5'];
$instructionalTechniques = $_POST['instructionalTechniques'];
$trainingAids = $_POST['trainingAids'];
$trainingTime = $_POST['trainingTime'];
$references = $_POST['references'];
if ($session == 'S1A'){$select01 = 'selected';}
elseif($session == 'S1B'){$select02 = 'selected';}
elseif($session == 'S2A'){$select03 = 'selected';}
elseif($session == 'S2B'){$select04 = 'selected';}
elseif($session == 'S3A'){$select05 = 'selected';}
elseif($session == 'S3B'){$select06 = 'selected';}
elseif($session == 'S4A'){$select07 = 'selected';}
elseif($session == 'S4B'){$select08 = 'selected';}
elseif($session == 'FSA'){$select09 = 'selected';}
elseif($session == 'FSB'){$select10 = 'selected';}
elseif($session == 'FSC'){$select11 = 'selected';}
if($trainingTime == '30 Minutes'){$selectT01 = 'selected';}
elseif($trainingTime == '1 Hour'){$selectT02 = 'selected';}
elseif($trainingTime == '1.5 Hours'){$selectT03 = 'selected';}
elseif($trainingTime == '2 Hours'){$selectT04 = 'selected';}
elseif($trainingTime == '2.5 Hours'){$selectT05 = 'selected';}
elseif($trainingTime == '3 Hours'){$selectT06 = 'selected';}
elseif($trainingTime == '3.5 Hours'){$selectT07 = 'selected';}
elseif($trainingTime == '4 Hours'){$selectT08 = 'selected';}
elseif($trainingTime == '4.5 Hours'){$selectT09 = 'selected';}
elseif($trainingTime == '5 Hours'){$selectT10 = 'selected';}
elseif($trainingTime == '5.5 Hours'){$selectT11 = 'selected';}
elseif($trainingTime == '6 Hours'){$selectT12 = 'selected';}
elseif($trainingTime == '6.5 Hours'){$selectT13 = 'selected';}
elseif($trainingTime == '7 Hours'){$selectT14 = 'selected';}
elseif($trainingTime == '7.5 Hours'){$selectT15 = 'selected';}
elseif($trainingTime == '8 Hours'){$selectT16 = 'selected';}
<legend>Lesson Plan</legend>
<form method="post" name="LessonPlanForm" action="<?PHP echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];?>">
if (isset($_POST['Preview'])&& !isset($_POST['Submit'])){
Session:<br /><?PHP echo $_POST['session'];?></br />
Module:<br /><?PHP echo $_POST['module'];?><br />
Subject:<br /><?PHP echo $_POST['subject'];?><br />
Job Task:<br /><?PHP echo $_POST['jobTask'];?><br />
Training Objective:<br /><?PHP echo $_POST['trainingObjective'];?><br />
Sub-Objective 1:<br /><?PHP echo $_POST['subobjective1'];?><br />
Sub-Objective 2:<br /><?PHP echo $_POST['subobjective2'];?><br />
Sub-Objective 3:<br /><?PHP echo $_POST['subobjective3'];?><br />
Sub-Objective 4:<br /><?PHP echo $_POST['subobjective4'];?><br />
Sub-Objective 5:<br /><?PHP echo $_POST['subobjective5'];?><br />
Instructional Techniques:<br /><?PHP echo $_POST['instructionalTechniques'];?><br />
Training Aids:<br /><?PHP echo $_POST['trainingAids'];?><br />
Training Time:<br /><?PHP echo $_POST['trainingTime'];?><br />
References:<br /><?PHP echo $_POST['references'];?><br />
<input type='submit' value='Return' name='Return' />
$message = "Session:<br />$session<br />
Module:<br />$module<br />
Subject:<br /> $subject<br />
Job Task:<br /> $jobTask<br />
Training Objective:<br/> $trainingObjective<br />
Sub-Objective 1:<br /> $subobjective1<br />
Sub-Objective 2:<br /> $subobjective2<br />
Sub-Objective 3:<br /> $subobjective3<br />
Sub-Objective 4:<br /> $subobjective4<br />
Sub-Objective 5:<br /> $subobjective5<br />
Instructional Techniques:<br /> $instructionalTechniques<br />
Training Aids:<br /> $trainingAids<br />
Training Time:<br /> $trainingTime<br />
References:<br /> $references<br />";
echo "Form submit complete<br />";
echo "<input type='submit' value='Return' name='Return' /><br />";
if ((!isset($_POST['Submit'])|| isset($_POST['Return'])) && !isset($_POST['Preview']))
<div id="mainForm">
Session:<br />
<select name="session">
<option value="S1A" <?PHP echo $select01;?>>Sector 1 Session A</option>
<option value="S1B" <?PHP echo $select02;?>>Sector 1 Session B</option>
<option value="S2A" <?PHP echo $select03;?>>Sector 2 Session A</option>
<option value="S2B" <?PHP echo $select04;?>>Sector 2 Session B</option>
<option value="S3A" <?PHP echo $select05;?>>Sector 3 Session A</option>
<option value="S3B" <?PHP echo $select06;?>>Sector 3 Session B</option>
<option value="S4A" <?PHP echo $select07;?>>Sector 4 Session A</option>
<option value="S4B" <?PHP echo $select08;?>>Sector 4 Session B</option>
<option value="FSA" <?PHP echo $select09;?>>Fundamental Skills Session A</option>
<option value="FSB" <?PHP echo $select10;?>>Fundamental Skills Session B</option>
<option value="FSC" <?PHP echo $select11;?>>Fundamental Skills Session C</option>
</select><br />

Module:<br />
<textarea name="module" rows="2" cols="60"><?php echo $_POST['module'];?></textarea><br />

Subject:<br />
<textarea name="subject" rows="1" cols="90"><?php echo $_POST['subject'];?></textarea><br />

Job Task:<br />
<textarea name="jobTask" rows="1" cols="90"><?php echo $_POST['jobTask'];?></textarea><br />

Training Objective:<br />
<textarea name="trainingObjective" rows="3" cols="90"><?php echo $_POST['trainingObjective'];?></textarea><br />

Sub-Objectives or Steps:<br />
1.<textarea name="subobjective1" rows="3" cols="50"><?php echo $_POST['subobjective1'];?></textarea><br />
2.<textarea name="subobjective2" rows="3" cols="50"><?php echo $_POST['subobjective2'];?></textarea><br />
3.<textarea name="subobjective3" rows="3" cols="50"><?php echo $_POST['subobjective3'];?></textarea><br />
4.<textarea name="subobjective4" rows="3" cols="50"><?php echo $_POST['subobjective4'];?></textarea><br />
5.<textarea name="subobjective5" rows="3" cols="50"><?php echo $_POST['subobjective5'];?></textarea><br />

Instructional Techniques:<br />
<textarea name="instructionalTechniques" rows="5" cols="90"><?php echo $_POST['instructionalTechniques'];?></textarea><br />

Training Aids Required:<br />
<textarea name="trainingAids" rows="3" cols="90"><?php echo $_POST['trainingAids'];?></textarea><br />
Training Time Required:<br />
<select name="trainingTime">
<option value="30 Minutes" <?PHP echo $selectT01;?>>30 Minutes</option>
<option value="1 Hour" <?PHP echo $selectT02;?>>1 Hour</option>
<option value="1.5 Hours" <?PHP echo $selectT03;?>>1.5 Hours</option>
<option value="2 Hours" <?PHP echo $selectT04;?>>2 Hours</option>
<option value="2.5 Hours" <?PHP echo $selectT05;?>>2.5 Hours</option>
<option value="3 Hours" <?PHP echo $selectT06;?>>3 Hours</option>
<option value="3.5 Hours" <?PHP echo $selectT07;?>>3.5 Hours</option>
<option value="4 Hours" <?PHP echo $selectT08;?>>4 Hours</option>
<option value="4.5 Hours" <?PHP echo $selectT09;?>>4.5 Hours</option>
<option value="5 Hours" <?PHP echo $selectT10;?>>5 Hours</option>
<option value="5.5 Hours" <?PHP echo $selectT11;?>>5.5 Hour</option>
<option value="6 Hours" <?PHP echo $selectT12;?>>6 Hours</option>
<option value="6.5 Hours" <?PHP echo $selectT13;?>>6.5 Hours</option>
<option value="7 Hours" <?PHP echo $selectT14;?>>7 Hours</option>
<option value="7.5 Hours" <?PHP echo $selectT15;?>>7.5 Hours</option>
<option value="8 Hours" <?PHP echo $selectT16;?>>8 Hours</option>
</select><br />
References:<br />
<textarea name="references" rows="4" cols="90"><?PHP echo $_POST['references'];?></textarea><br />
<input name="Submit" type="submit" value="Submit" />
<input name="Preview" type="submit" value="Preview" />
} ?>

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