A large piece of China's rocket is about to fall on Earth

Posted on 7th May 2021 05:28 pm by rohit kumar

The debris of a Chinese rocket is rising towards the earth and there is no control over it.


This debris may have fallen on the earth this week, but where it has not been clear.


The Chinese rocket Long March 5B was launched from China's Hainan Island on April 29, carrying the major module of China's International Space Station towards the Earth's lower orbit.


However, now there is a worry about the debris of this rocket falling to the earth. It weighs about 18 tons and is the largest object to fall uncontrolled in the earth's atmosphere in decades.


Not only China but the US space agency NASA is also keeping an eye on it.


On Thursday, the US said that it has an eye on this rocket but it does not plan to destroy it at the moment.


US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin said, "We hope it falls into a place where no one is harmed. Hopefully at sea or somewhere like that."


How long will it reach the earth?


Many experts working on space waste say that this rocket is likely to reach Earth by Sunday. However, in such cases, nothing can be said with certainty.


Long March-4B has been steadily falling since its launch on 29 April. How fast the rocket debris falls depends on the density and stretch of air at altitude. But, there is no information for all of this at the moment.


Usually, rocket debris burns as it enters the Earth's atmosphere. However, there is a possibility of escaping some part of it that reaches the surface of the earth. Usually, these pieces are very small.


Similar pipe-shaped rocket debris reached Ivory Coast in Africa a year ago.


There is little chance of harm to anyone due to rocket debris. The reason for this is not that there is water on most of the earth but it is because a large part of the land is uninhabited.


China accused of negligence


China has denied that negligence has been taken in the uncontrolled return of such a large item.


The Chinese media has described the Western reports saying that the rocket was damaged by the wreckage as exaggerated propaganda. At the same time, it is expected that the rocket will fall somewhere in the international sea.


China's official newspaper Global Times quoted atmospheric expert Song Zonping as saying that China's space monitoring network would closely monitor it and take necessary measures to damage it.


However, noted astrophysicist Jonathan McDaval at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in the US says, "This has affected China's image. It is seen as negligence."


"This rocket has been relaunched. The debris lying on the Ivory coast is the same as the previous rocket. Since the skylab of 1979, now in both these events, such a large object has entered the earth in an uncontrolled way." Has been left deliberately for. "


In 1979, pieces of the American space station Skylab were scattered over Western Australia which caught the attention of the whole world.

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