Is Putin's statement on the Taliban a setback for India?

Posted on 22nd Oct 2021 04:31 pm by rohit kumar

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said it is possible to remove the Taliban from the list of terrorist organizations. But at the same time, Putin also said that it should be done at the level of the United Nations.


"The Taliban have control of the whole of Afghanistan," Putin said at a composite meeting of the International Valdai Diction Club on Thursday. We will consider the decision to remove the Taliban from the list of terrorists. We are getting closer to this decision."


Putin said that Russia is proceeding cautiously in this matter. The Russian President said, "But the decision regarding the Taliban should be done according to the process. It should be taken out of this list under the same process by which it was put in the list of terrorists."


In the matter of removing the Taliban from the list of terrorist organizations, Putin said that Russia is not only in this process. Putin said that we are cooperating with the representatives of the Taliban. The Russian president said representatives of the Taliban were called to Moscow and were in constant contact with them.


Blow for India?


On the other hand, the Moscow format organized for talks on Afghanistan in Russia has also been completed. It is being said that India is not very happy with the statement issued by the Moscow format. The statement in the Moscow format said that the Taliban is a new reality in Afghanistan and it will also have to be taken into account in relations with this country.


But one image of the Taliban is that they are pro-Pakistan. In such a situation, this statement of Moscow format is not being considered in favor of India. Meanwhile, Russian President Putin has said that the Taliban can be taken out of the list of terrorists.


Abdul Basit, who was Pakistan's High Commissioner to India, has said about the statement of Moscow format, "It is clear from the statement of Moscow format that the Taliban has been accepted as the real ruler. It has been said in the Moscow format that talks will be held with the Taliban only. There has also been talking of an inclusive government. Now the Taliban have an idea that everyone is ready to talk to them. There has also been talking of convening a summit under the United Nations.


Basit said, "India has also said that it is ready to provide humanitarian aid. This was India's second meeting with the Taliban. Interesting progress is being made in Afghanistan. The world is now looking at the Taliban as the government." Pakistan's Foreign Minister has visited Afghanistan and this is a very good step. This is an opportunity for Pakistan to regain the space it has lost in the last 20 years.


The Moscow format talks were held in the Russian capital on Wednesday. Representatives of Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan participated in this dialogue.


Apart from this, a high-level delegation of the Taliban's interim government in Afghanistan came under the leadership of Deputy Prime Minister Mawlawi Abdul Salam Hanafi.


It is being said that in the statement of the Moscow format, the thing that makes India uncomfortable is - the new reality has to be kept in mind in relations with Afghanistan. The Taliban is now in power, whether the international community recognizes the Taliban or not.


It can also mean that even if you send humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, then the new reality there will have to be kept in mind. The statement in the Moscow format also said that the Taliban government in Afghanistan will have to take steps to reform the regime so that an inclusive government can be formed. Inclusive government means that all communities in Afghanistan get representation in power. Currently, Pashtun Sunni Muslims dominate the interim Taliban government.


The statement in the Moscow format also said that the countries involved expressed satisfaction with the commitment of the Taliban government, in which it has promised not to allow the use of Afghanistan's land against any country. The Taliban has reiterated this point in the Moscow format as well.


India's silence

On behalf of India, JP Singh, the representative of Pakistan-Afghanistan-Iran Affairs, and Adarsh ​​Sawaika, in charge of Eurasia in the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, participated in this dialogue. India's English economic newspaper The Mint has written that these Indian representatives have kept their displeasure to themselves and did not express it.


America had refused to participate in this meeting. Whereas India was called by Russia for the first time in such a meeting. Earlier, Russia had refused to include India in the Troike Plus for talks in Afghanistan.


India is seen as a special friend of Russia, so India did not publicly object to the statement of Moscow format because it was organized by Russia itself.


On the other hand, India also wants that they should also be involved in whatever groups are formed or talk about Afghanistan. There is also confusion about whether the statement of Moscow format is shared or only the host is from Russia.


A senior Taliban leader had claimed about India that India is ready to send food items to Afghanistan. India has also not rejected this claim of the Taliban.


The Taliban made this statement when India's representatives in Moscow format were present for the talks. A senior official of the United Nations Food Program (WFP) also said that it had contacted New Delhi to help with food items in Afghanistan.


Mary-Ellen McGroarty, director of WFP Afghanistan, said, "Talks have been going on for the last few weeks. We hope that someone will reach a good conclusion. Afghanistan has lost 2.5 million tonnes of wheat this year. So help us." desperately needed."


According to a WFP report for September, only five percent of Afghan households have food to eat every day, while 50 percent faced a food crisis at least once in September.


It has been said in this report that for the first time like the rural population, the urban population is also facing a food crisis. The situation has worsened due to drought twice in the last three years.

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