PM Said In The Video Message - Turn Off The House Lights At 9 PM On April 5, Just Light A Lamp, Candle, Flashlight

Posted on 3rd Apr 2020 11:56 am by rohit kumar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday addressed the nation via video message. He urged the countrymen to turn off all the lights of the house at nine o'clock on Sunday, April 5, to light a candle, lamp, flashlight and mobile flashlight for nine minutes. Come, know the big things of Modi's speech ..

Corona has to introduce the power of light

The Prime Minister said, "Corona's crisis is to be challenged on Sunday, April 5. He has to introduce the power of light. This five April is to awaken the superpower of 130 crore countrymen. On Sunday, April 5, I wish you all nine minutes on Sunday night at nine o'clock. Stand in the balcony of the house and light a candle, flashlight, lamp or mobile flash light. Turn off all the lights of the house that day. When every person burns a lamp all around, then there will be a feeling of that superpower of light, in which it will be revealed that we are fighting unitedly for the same purpose. In that light, let us pledge that we are not alone.


Urge to maintain social distance

However, during this he urged to maintain social distance. The Prime Minister said, 'Friends, I have another request, that no one has to gather anywhere at the time of this event. Do not go in the streets, streets or mohallas, do it from the door of your house, balcony. Laxman Rekha of social distance is never to be crossed. Social distance is not to be broken under any circumstances. '


Janta-Janardan, the form of God

The Prime Minister said that in our country it is believed that Janta-Janardan is the form of God. Therefore, when the country is fighting such a big battle, in such a battle, people should be constantly interviewing the superpower. Concluding his address, he said, 'It has been said here - zealo balan arya, naa zasti zamam param balam. S zestasya Lokeshu, not a little Raream. That is, there is no other force in the world greater than our enthusiasm, our spirit.

Remember mother bharti

The Prime Minister said that on April 5, sit alone in the night and remember Mother Bharati. It will also give us the strength to fight in this hour of crisis and the confidence to win. It has been said here that there is no force in the world more than our enthusiasm, our spirit. There is nothing in the world that cannot be achieved with this strength.


Prime Minister called to make the country victorious

The Prime Minister said that the Laxman Rekha of social distance is never to be crossed. Social distance is not to be broken under any circumstances. Let's come together, beat Corona together and make India victorious.


Countrymen introduced service expressions in lockdown

In his message, the Prime Minister praised the service of the countrymen. He said that the way service has been introduced. Governance, administration and public have together handled the situation well.


Let us go from darkness to light

The Prime Minister said that in the midst of darkness spread by an epidemic like Corona, we have to go amidst continuous light. The poor who are most affected by this corona crisis have to move from despair to hope. The darkness and uncertainty that has arisen from this crisis, we have to go towards light and certainty.

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