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Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

I recently built a form that submits data to my database with an ajax function that is called through onClick="function ..." on the submit button. That all works perfectly, however the information shown on the page needs to update to reflect the new data so I made that work by calling another ajax function, which also works. The problem is I also have jQuery in the page. When the page loads the jQuery all works, after the ajax function updates the page (without refreshing the browser) none of the jquery works. Any suggestions?

here's the ajax function for updating the data
Line number On/Off | Expand/Contract // Get the HTTP Objectfunction getHTTPObject(){ if (window.ActiveXObject) return new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); else if (window.XMLHttpRequest) return new XMLHttpRequest(); else { alert("Your browser does not support AJAX."); return null; }} var httpObject = null; // Set up the updating routinefunction displayRegularFeeds(user_id){ httpObject = getHTTPObject(); var fast = "http://localhost/capicy/regularfeeds.php?id="+user_id; if (httpObject != null) { httpObject.open("GET", fast, true); httpObject.send(null); httpObject.onreadystatechange = recieveRegularFeeds; }}// Recieve the time and display itfunction recieveRegularFeeds(){ if(httpObject.readyState == 4){ document.getElementById('regularbox').innerHTML = httpObject.responseText; }}

heres the onclick from the submit button
Line number On/Off | Expand/Contract echo '<input type="button" id="share" name="share" value="Share" class="sharebuttonlink" onClick="javascript&#058;var phrase = document.getElementById('status').value; shareStatus(phrase); displayRegularFeeds(''."$user".'');">';

heres the file displayRegularFeeds executes
Line number On/Off | Expand/Contract include('mysql.php'); include('feeds.php'); feeds('regular', 'home');

Please help!

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