Execure stored procedure on a timer

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Can someone tell me an easier way to execute a stored procedure on a timer? I am using Oracle 10g R2 DB on windows 2003 server. I have a batch file that calls an SQL file, which runs fine when I double click on the file manaully. When I schedule this using the AT timer on Windows 2003 it does not execute (all my other 18 jobs run fine, none however call a stored procedures). Any help is appreciated.

Batch File:
c:oracleora10g_r2binsqlplusw.exe UN/PWD@oracle.world @c:oraclescriptsoli_inc.sql

SQL file
spool C:oraclescriptsoli_inc.txt;

EXEC P_oli_inc;

spool off


Thank You

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