Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

I am tryint to setup a webapplication developed in PHP, Apache2.0 and SQLServer2000 as backend which is running smoothly on a system in UK. I got the code and database backup from the Production Server.
Restored the DB backup and table names are like sf.tablename and dbo.tablename. Same structure i got in my local system. When i try to run the application, i am getting error DBConnect Failed. I analysed the problem and made changes to a very first query like prefixed the schema name to the tablename in the code. for example select user from sf.Users. Then login and validation done succesfully. But i cant change it everywhere. and its not required as in the production its running without the schema name. So i am not sure if any change is required on SQLServer side. So pls let me know if any configuration/setting is required from SQLServer side?

In simple words, from the PHP code if i run query like
" select * from users " is not running . if i modify query in the code like
" select * from sf.users ". its working fine. but my query is i wont change it in the code. if i required i will change any configuration on SQLServer.


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