Computer And Technology

Binary Counting
Q: How easy is it to count in binary? A: It’s as easy as 01 10 11.

New Technology
Before and After Technology!!

Newton's Law
Newton's law: A goat was walking.NEWTON stopped it. It stopped. He found his first law, "An object continues to move unless it's ...stopped". He gave

We don't have Windows
Beat this one: Notice on entry gate of a Apple Store in NY :- Don't ever fart here; the smell will stay for ages. We don't have Windows.

What is Attachment!!!
A very emotional quote...... Attachment is not when two people chat day & night..... Attachment is not when two people cant live without ea

American women poll
A recent poll of American women asked the question: Would you sleep with Bill Clinton? 94 percent responded "Never again!"

Raabert had twins
Raabert had twins and comes to the “Boss”….. Raabert: Boss, mere dono bachon ke liye koi naam bataiye.. Ajeet: Ek ka naam rakho Peter…. Raa

Is ka kya karen?
Robert: Bass is gaddar ka kya karen? Ajeet: Ise sui chubho chubho kar mar daalo… pulees samjhegi ki sui-cide hua hai.

Shorthand Seekh Legi
Scene: Ajeet thouroughly disgusted with Mona daaa..arrling’s typing. Ajeet: Raaberrt, Mona ke dono hathon ko kaat do. Raabert: Magar kyoon baas ?

A Murga as a Gift
Ajit : Robert! Iss ke saamne daru ka glass rakho. Robert : (Shocked) Lekin kyon boss? Ajit : Jab iss ke same daru ka glass rakha jaye ga taab

John Abrahm
was driving down the street in a sweat because he had an important meeting and couldn’t find a parking place. Looking up toward heaven, he said

Jab Gabbar paida hua…
Gabber’s Father: Kya baat ho gayi? Mother: Kambakht paida hote hi pooch raha tha KITNE AADMI THEY…

Big Fart
At Heathrow Airport in England, a 300-foot red carpet was stretched out to Air Force One and President Bush strode to a warm but dignified handshake f

Spare Parts
Nelson Mandela is at home watching the box, when there is a knock at his door. He gets up and answers it, there is a Chinese bloke with clipboard, and

New Cadillac
The Pakistani President, Gen Pervez Musharraf, is visiting his friend, U.S. President George Bush, in Washington, DC. The U.S. President offers a gif

Bad horse
The story is told of a day when Queen Elizabeth had the Duke Of Edenbourgh over for a cup of tea. The conversation turned equestrian and the Queen was

Not sticking!!!
George W Bush wanted a special postage stamp issued, with his picture on it. He so instructed his Postmaster General, stressing that it should be of

A Deadly Sneeze?
Adolf Hitler was conducting a General Staff meeting, when somebody sneezed. "Who was that!?" shouted Hitler, whirling around from a wall map of Europ

Killed the pig !
Bill Clinton and his driver were cruising along a country road one night when all of a sudden they hit a pig, killing it instantly. Bill told his driv

A caption contest!
After having resigned as the CM of Bihar, Laloo decides to go modelling. On one occasion, he enters a herd of buffaloes and resting his elbows on the


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