America and Britain took big steps, irritated by China, China threatened

Posted on 3rd Jul 2020 01:22 pm by rohit kumar

Many countries are criticizing China's decision to implement the national security law in Hong Kong.


While Britain has proposed 3 million Hong Kong people to settle in Britain, the US House of Representatives has approved new restrictions related to Hong Kong.


The resolution passed unanimously in the House of Representatives said that any bank that does business with the Chinese authorities will be fined.


This proposal needs to be passed by the Senate before going to President Trump.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced this. He said that Hong Kong's independence is being violated by the new security law. He said that people affected by this would be offered to come to Britain. Hong Kong was the first British colony.


But China has reacted strongly to this. China's ambassador to Britain has said that Britain has no right to this. He said that China will take the necessary steps to stop this step of Britain.


Chinese Ambassador Liu Xiaoming said that this is a violation of the agreement between the two countries. He has called Britain's criticism of the new security law as irresponsible and not necessary.


What is Britain's decision

On the other hand, after the new decision of Britain, close to three and a half lakh British passport holders and about 26 lakh other people can come to Britain for five years. After one year, that is, after completing six years, they can also apply for British citizenship.


British citizens in Hong Kong, who are on overseas passports, were granted special status in 1980. But currently, their rights are limited and they can stay in the UK without a visa for only six months.


Under the government's new scheme, all British expatriate citizens and their dependents will be given the right to live in Britain. They will also have the right to work and study for five years. After six years, they can apply for citizenship.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the implementation of the new security law in Hong Kong is a clear and serious violation of the 1985 Sino-UK joint manifesto. He said that the agreement is legally binding and explains how some aspects of independence in Hong Kong will be protected for 50 years (since China was declared a sovereign nation in 1997).


The British PM said that this violated Hong Kong's high level of autonomy and the rights and freedoms mentioned in the joint manifesto have been threatened.


Boris Johnson said, "We made it clear that if China continues on this path, we will bring a new path for UK migrant citizens to come to the UK. And then later they will be able to apply for citizenship. And now this is what we are doing. "


On this decision of Britain, China has accused Britain of reversing its promise. China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Lijien Jao said all Hong Kong's brothers, including the British National Overseas (BNO) passport holder, are Chinese citizens. According to the agreement reached before Britain, Britain promised that it would not allow BNO holders to stay there permanently. Now Britain wants to change its policy, it is sticking to its promise.


What did the US House of Representatives decide

The Hong Kong Autonomy Act introduced in the House of Representatives speaks of the ban on banks, which will do business with Chinese officials who are involved in the crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has said that this law is strictly needed in response to China's security law.


Even before this bill, America had started the initiative to end the special status of Hong Kong. These include a ban on defense exports and a ban on access to high-tech products.


Only last year America has given the status of law to the Human Rights and Democracy Bill. In this law, it was said that the support of the supporters of Hong Kong's democracy.


Chinese Foreign Minister has reacted strongly to this, saying that China strongly opposes the resolution passed in Hong Kong regarding the autonomy of Hong Kong.


What other countries have said

Apart from the USA and UK, Australia has also reacted. Australia says that it is considering providing shelter to Hong Kong residents.


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said that several proposals have come in this regard, which will be considered in the cabinet soon.


Meanwhile, a senior Taiwanese official has told his citizens to abstain from a trip to Hong Kong and not even take a transit visa if not necessary.


Taiwan Mainland Affairs Council Deputy Chief Chiv Chui-cheng has said that the new security law implemented in Hong Kong is the most outrageous in history.


However, he clarified that his actual consulate in Hong Kong will continue.


Japan was among the countries that had first raised its voice against this law. Japan has regretted the implementation of this law.


Foreign Minister of Japan Toshimitsu Motegi has said that this law ignores Hongkong's principle of 'one country two systems'.

The President of the European Council, Charles Michael, has criticized this law and said that it will have a detrimental effect on the independence of the judiciary and the rule of law.


Canada has also issued a new advisory regarding the journey of Hong Kong. Canada says that now anyone can be detained arbitrarily on the guise of national security in Hong Kong and then sent to China.


On the other hand, China has dismissed its criticism completely and said that the Hong Kong issue is not a matter of any other country.


The British government was already pressuring China on the new security law, so that China's attitude could change on this matter. But this could not happen.


Therefore, the minister is now fulfilling his promise. This is a very big and important step. The British government wants to give a strong message with this decision.


But there will be pressure on Britain to reconsider other aspects of relations with China.


One of them is the disputed Chinese company Khwwe. Many Tory MPs are already campaigning against it. After this decision, their worries will increase further.


Several arrests

On the proposal of Hong Kong people to come to Britain, Foreign Minister Dominic Raab has said that there will be no limit on number and quota and the application process will be normal.


But at the same time, he also admitted that he could not pressurize China to allow British migrant citizens to come to Britain.


Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, UK National Overseas passport holders can come to Britain immediately. It is definitely that they will have to face the process of standard immigration checks. The official spokesman of Prime Minister Johnson has given this information.


Hong Kong's new security law became effective from Tuesday. Many people have been arrested under the new law.


China has rejected all criticism about the law and says that this is its internal matter.

Whereas Britain's Foreign Minister Dominic Raab says that China has broken its promise.

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