Ayesha suicide case: what was the video made for her husband, what is the truth?

Posted on 2nd Mar 2021 02:54 pm by rohit kumar

"If he wants freedom from me then he should get freedom. My life is still here. I am happy that I will meet Allah. I will ask him where I was wrong? I should get good parents. I can get good friends. Maybe Is there anything wrong with me or my destiny. I am happy. I am saying goodbye with satisfaction. I will pray to Allah that I will never have to see the face of human beings again. " These were the last words of Ayesha.


According to the police complaint, Ayesha had her last video made on 26 February. After this, he committed suicide by jumping into the Sabarmati river.


Suicide is a serious psychological and social problem. If you too are going through stress, then you can take help from the Indian Government Spouse Helpline 18002333330. You should also talk to your friends and relatives.


Ayesha was originally from Rajasthan and was living in Vatva, Ahmedabad. Ayesha also said before leaping into the Sabarmati river, "I pray that this lovely river embraces me with its flow."


VM Desai, Police Inspector of Sabarmati Riverfront (West), is investigating the case. He said that Ayesha jumped into the Sabarmati river, due to which she died.


Desai said, "We have received Ayesha's call. A 70-minute conversation with her husband on the phone on February 25 was recorded. During this conversation, her husband said," I will not come to pick you up. You must die. " Make a video of that time and send it to me. Only after watching that video will I believe in your death. ' This girl has committed suicide due to an ongoing quarrel with her husband for a long time. "


During the making of this video, Ayesha appealed to her father to free her husband from everything and asked to withdraw the case filed against her husband.


Ayesha said in the video, "Hello, Aslam Alaikum. My name is Ayesha Arif Khan. I am doing what I want to do. There is no pressure on me. What else can I say? Allah has given me so much I have given something and my life has been full of joy. "


Ayesha's husband Arif Khan has been arrested by the Gujarat Police from Pali in Rajasthan on Monday evening.


While giving this information to the BBC, VM Desai said that Ayesha had talked with Arif on the phone for 70 minutes before dying. A case of abetment to suicide has been registered against Arif under section 306.


Pali Superintendent of Police (SP) Kalu Ram Rawat told BBC's associate journalist Mohar Singh Meena in Rajasthan that "Ayesha's husband Arif came to the Gujarat Police to arrest her. The local police cooperated with the Gujarat Police and Arif was sent to the Industrial Area Was arrested from near. "SP Rawat told that Arif is a resident of Jalore district but Gujarat Police Arif did not find him at home. Arif was later arrested from the Pali district where his relatives live. Gujarat police took Arif with him after this.


Ayesha's video and stress

Ayesha is seen laughing in her last video, but in reality, she was surrounded by tensions and everything was not well in her married life. Her parents allege that Ayesha's child died in the womb due to the violence of her husband and her family.


Regarding Ayesha's video, psychologist Dr. Prashant Bhimani said, "The way Ayesha is speaking in the video indicates a confusing peace. It is like a flame rising before the fire is extinguished. Usually, people who commit suicide go into a state of quivering in a way. They feel that they are leaving the world and they will be free from sorrows. "


According to Dr. Bhimani, "Such behavior occurs in a person who starts thinking about committing suicide, Ayesha was definitely in depression."


Ayesha's video has influenced many people. A large number of people are reacting to this on social media. Some people say that Ayesha should have listened to her parents, some people are also feeling stressed by watching the video.


Dr. Bhimani said, "Many people will now post suicide videos, people will be affected by this. People will feel that this is the latest trend, so they should. In a way, it will give rise to Suicidal Romanticism. People will therefore spend their last moments We will post a video of him as he will try to get people's attention at the last minute. This will be the last appeal to save himself in a way. If someone reaches for help in time, a life will be saved. "


Regarding the impact of such incidents on the minds of common people, Dr. Bhimani said, "Such incidents should not be given any importance. It should be learned from this that death cannot solve any problem."


Dr. Bhimani says, "It is wrong for a third man to die on his own. The parents' request should be understood. You should understand his time, energy, money, love, etc. Your parents in your life Not only relatives, but the relatives have also spent all this on you. How can anyone decide to end their lives without paying a loan to these people? "


Dr. Bhimani said, "In stress and frustration, everyone should remember that there is a solution to every problem. If someone starts thinking about suicide, they need timely treatment, it saved their life. May go."


Although there is a severe lack of mental health in society, Dr. Bhimani said, "Mental patients are the ones who seek treatment from a psychiatrist, this is a misconception. Everyone needs to understand that. If one is a little stressed out So he should be treated. "


Who was Ayesha?


23-year-old Ayesha was originally the daughter of Liaquat Makrani and Harmat Bibi of Jalore district of Rajasthan.


Liaquat Makrani came to Ahmedabad from Rajasthan in connection with employment and was living in Vatva with his family. Liaquat Makrani had four children. His financial condition was not good. But he knew the work of a tailor, he started this work in Ahmedabad. Liaquat Makrani could not teach his elder son. His son is working as a mechanic.


Liaquat Makrani said, "I wanted my children to read well and become big officers, but seeing the problems at home, my eldest son gave up studies and started working. He became a mechanic. He did the work of electric wiring in cars We do. We run the house together. My elder daughter Hina was married in Ahmedabad. Her wedding cost a lot. My second daughter Ayesha was good at studies, so I taught her. "


"We used to call her Ayesha Sonu affectionately. Ayesha was a golden coin for us. She was the first graduate of our family. After that, she started studying MA as well."


Liaquat Makrani wanted daughter Ayesha to continue her studies, but she was also worried that a more educated boy would not be available in her community for the daughter's marriage.


While Ayesha was studying in MA, the rich family of Jalore sent the proposal of marriage of Ayesha to Liaquat Makani. In this way, Ayesha got married to Babu Khan's son Arif two and a half years ago.


Arif was working as a manager in a granite manufacturing company in Jalore. Along with this he also had his own business of selling granite. He was earning 60 thousand rupees every month. At the time of marriage, Arif promised that Ayesha would continue her studies.


Dowry demands and domestic violence


Ayesha's mother Harmeet Bibi told, "Arif said at the time of marriage that he would allow my daughter to study further, also to do a job. We felt that the boy was educated, so we trusted his words. Our status was bigger than ours, we took a loan at Ayesha's wedding. "


According to the family members of Ayesha, three tola gold and one kg silver were given to the family members of Arif as a dowry in the marriage. Apart from this, many clothes and other goods were also given to Ayesha.


Ayesha's mother said, "After Ayesha's marriage, we had a debt increase. So Armaan, the younger son, also had to leave school and he worked as a loan agent in a private bank. We slowly lent Were paying. "


Liaquat Markani says, "Initially both were getting married well. Then at the request of Arif Ayesha left MA studies. During this time she was also pregnant and after that, her sorrows started."


Ayesha's family alleges that her mother-in-law Saira Banu and Nand Khushabu Banu took the jewelry of Ayesha and started harassing her. According to the allegation of these people, Ayesha was not given enough food even after getting pregnant.


However, the BBC could not independently confirm these allegations. If Ayesha's husband Arif gives any answer to these allegations, then she will be included in the story. However, a complaint has been registered in this case on 21 August 2020 at Vatva Police Station.


According to the police complaint, Arif Khan, his father Babu Khan Ghafoor Khan, his mother Saira Banu, and sister Khushbu Khan have been accused.


Apart from this, a case of domestic violence is also registered in the Ghikanta Metropolitan Court of Ahmedabad. It is also important to mention here that domestic violence cases have been seen more during the Corona transition.


According to this report published in December 2020, around 1.5 crore women worldwide suffered domestic violence during the corona infection.


Nagendra Sood, secretary of the association with the organization working for the prevention of suicide, is a lawyer by profession. He told, "We have had a lot of dowry and suicide cases. Most of these cases could have been solved. Such cases do not happen in low-income families because they are under a lot of pressure from society. They have to fight in court There is no money for that. "


He also said, "When we have such cases, we should listen to them carefully before any prejudice and they should provide counseling for free of cost judicial help. In cases like Ayesha, the judicial process is being decided by the people." Can save themselves from suicide. "


Nagendra Sood explains, "Under Section 125 of the Gujara allowance, women get temporary orders because of the long run of the case. Domestic violence cases also last for a long time. Women get frustrated after a mental and financial breakdown. They also have to bear the financial burden. Women also feel that their parents have to bear due to them. "


Ayesha's mother Harmat Bibi said, "My husband and two sons were working day and night to save Ayesha's marriage. Ayesha was also sad to see this. Ayesha used to talk to Arif on phone till late at night. She used to send messages to Arif. Arif rarely agreed with Ayesha. Arif quarreled with Ayesha. "


Quarrel at night and suicide in the morning


Seeing her father and brothers in trouble, Ayesha started working in a private bank for the last three months. She reached the bank every morning at half-past nine. For this, she left the house early.


According to Haramat Bibi, she had a quarrel with Arif on the night of February 25, just before the suicide.


Harmat Bibi told, "I heard him say that yes I will die before you die. I will record the video as per your wish and send it to you. Just wait till morning."


There was a fight between Ayesha and Arif on the night of 25 February. Harmat Bibi informed her husband about this on the morning of 26 February.


Liaquat Makrani told, "My bibi told me that Ayesha was talking about dying in the night. I immediately called Ayesha. She started crying while talking for the last time before the suicide and started saying that I was someone else Don't want to hurt my heart. My life has no meaning. That's why I am committing suicide by jumping into the Ahmedabad River Front. "


"Ayesha was very emotional, so I also told her that if you commit suicide then the whole family will commit suicide. You come home with a rickshaw. Then she said that I am going to jump in the river. If she survives, come and take her home And die if you die.


BBC Gujarati has an audio recording of a conversation between Ayesha and her parents, in which they are trying to convince Ayesha.


Liaquat told, "I and my wife explained a lot to Ayesha. She agreed to return home. But in the end, she did what she wanted to do. We were told by the police over the phone about Ayesha's death. "

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