Joe Biden's rating is falling, these five challenges are standing in front

Posted on 23rd Sep 2021 05:31 pm by rohit kumar

American boxer Mike Tyson has a very popular saying that "everyone has some plan before getting punched in the mouth." The same thing applies to politics.


US President Joe Biden also started his term with a variety of plans such as relief from the corona epidemic, investment in infrastructure, and increasing government security.


But, in the last one and a half months, Joe Biden has been hit with a similar punch, that is, difficulties have arisen in front of him and plans have been kept.


Joe Biden's public approval rating has turned negative for the first time due to conditions created after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. At the same time, inflation has increased and the problems of the Delta variant of the coronavirus have raised questions about the capabilities of the Biden administration. His image has been affected, especially among independent voters.


While some of his plans, such as pandemic relief, have become legislation, the future of other parts of this agenda remains in doubt due to internal conflicts among Democrats and opposition from Republicans.


Many challenges are facing Joe Biden at this time, which is making the very first year of his term a thorny road.


Although challenges bring opportunities for political success, they also run the risk of sinking deeper into the political abyss.


Success, Failure Depend on 'Build Back Better' and 'Caring Economy'

Earlier this year Democrats drew up a two-stage plan to implement Biden's legislative agenda for the first half of his presidential term.


The first was the bipartisan infrastructure spending package. The Senate passed it in August but is now stuck in the House of Representatives.


The second part of the trillions of dollars of Biden's plan is yet to be acted upon. Part of this includes welfare works like child care, education, health, elderly care, family holidays, etc.


His success or failure this year depends on Biden's two proposals 'Build Back Better' and 'Caring Economy'.


The second package can be passed in Congress through the Democratic vote, but it will not be easy to prepare all the Democrats about the expenditure and its size in this package. The internal conflicts of the Democrats have also been evident.


Joe Manchin, who hails from West Virginia, is an influential centrist. He has clearly said that he is not going to support the package costing $ 1.5 trillion. He has expressed concern that this could harm the environment, raise taxes and make the US less competitive globally.


Bernie Sanders of Vermont has also been a presidential candidate. He says he will not accept anything less than a $3.5 trillion plan.


He wants to increase the scope of the health scheme being run by the government for the elderly. It is a step towards transforming the government's popular program for the elderly 'Medicare' into a national health insurance plan for all Americans.


Any senator or any faction within the party can jeopardize the hopes of any spending package being passed in Congress.


Joe Biden will have to keep everyone happy or at least moderate the unhappiness within the Democratic Party.


There are more difficult issues ahead, such as the expansion of the US debt limit and the budget for the next fiscal year, which must be approved within weeks so that government work is not interrupted.


A single blow could derail President Biden's delicate legislative agenda.


corona pandemic


The Biden government has recognized that the success of his administration depends on effectively handling the corona pandemic.


At one time it seemed that America has won over this epidemic. In July, the president told Americans that they were about to get 'freedom' from the virus. But, things changed with the attack of the Delta variant. Again the rules became strict and hospitals started filling up with patients who had not been vaccinated.


After this, President Biden's tone changed and he blamed 25 percent of the people who did not get the vaccine for putting the entire nation at risk.


He ordered making vaccination and testing mandatory for employees in large companies. Under this, about one crore American employees will come.


Initially, it was seen how people who did not get the vaccine would react to this pressure as Republicans started speaking in their support. This could have been a legal challenge or a political resistance.


But, surveys revealed that the majority is in favor of President Biden regarding this decision. According to a Morning Consult survey, 58 percent of people supported the decision to make vaccines and testing mandatory for private employees.


Almost the same number of people supported making it mandatory for government employees and health workers. In this survey, both the decisions got 60 percent support.


These figures show that a vaccine imperative could be a political win-win issue for Democrats. But, it will be beneficial for the Biden administration when tough decisions will also lead to better results.


Afghanistan first raised the rating then


It was seen earlier that America's withdrawal from Afghanistan has come as an achievement for Biden. His approval rating was also increased, but Joe Biden's rating declined due to the chaotic situation in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US forces.


The Taliban's occupation of Afghanistan was described as a US defeat. America was held responsible for the bad condition of Afghanistan.


Although the government thinks that the issue of Afghanistan will lose its political impact over time, there are still many apprehensions.


Biden's decision could be questioned if Afghanistan becomes a haven for Islamic extremists and threatens Americans living there, or if the Taliban tries to destabilize America's regional allies.


At the same time, Republicans want to keep it a political issue. They are demanding the resignation of Secretary of State Antony Blycan. It also includes some Democrats.


difficulties in diplomatic relations

Joe Biden is facing not only domestic but also global challenges.


After Joe Biden's eight years as vice-president and spending decades on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, international affairs were considered his favourite.


But experiences don't always lead to easy success.


The recent Ocus Agreement between the US, Australia, and Britain has angered France.


European Union leaders who had hoped that Joe Biden would bring about a change in his predecessor Donald Trump's 'America First policy, have now received a setback.


However, very few American voters care about the strength of US-French relations. But, in the coming time, there may be controversy regarding its effects.


The Biden administration is hoping for Europe's cooperation in the upcoming global climate summit, and the environment is a pressing issue for American voters (especially supporters of the Democratic Party).


Joe Biden needs to do a lot of preparation to persuade rumblings during UN General Assembly meetings this week. Opening its borders in November to vaccinated European travelers could be the beginning of American gifts.

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