Modi thundered on TMC government in Purulia: Prime Minister Modi's stance on Mamta's Chandi text, said - Didi's heart did not change, it is a fear of defeat

Posted on 18th Mar 2021 01:32 pm by rohit kumar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the front on Thursday in the political turmoil of West Bengal. He started his speech in Bengali in the Purulia rally. He said that Didi had to worry about sports more than the interests of the people of Bengal, but Didi is forgetting that this time the people of Bengal are standing against them. People will continue to punish them for ten years of diplomacy.


He said that after ten years of appeasement, now Mamata didi is suddenly seen changing after changing the sticks. It is not a change of heart, fear of defeat. Didi keep doing all this, keep playing in every way, but don't forget that the memory of the people of Bengal is very sharp. He remembers how many people had scolded you after getting off the car.


Important things about Modi's speech

Begins in the name of Lord Rama.


TMC government continues to play its own game

Here the leftists and then the Trinamool government did not allow industries to flourish. The water arrangements that were to be made were not made. Instead of focusing on the problems of the people here, the TMC government was engaged in its own game. These people have given Purulia a regime full of water, migration, and discrimination. They have identified Purulia as the most backward area in the country. The work of gas pipeline here has been incomplete for the last eight years. The dam work here is also incomplete. Who will answer this? Didi people here are asking for your answer.


Government of double engine will develop Bengal

I have come today to convince the people of Purulia to convince the people of the entire Jagal Mahal area that after the formation of the BJP government in Bengal, your problems will be removed on a priority basis. When a double-engine government will be formed in Bengal, then there will be developed here and your life will also become easier. There are so many opportunities for tourism and handicrafts here in Purulia, they will be encouraged. The water crisis has been in other parts of the country as well, but if the BJP governments were there, they laid thousands of kilometers of pipeline. When the water problem went away, the farmers there started sowing different crops.


Create employment opportunities

There are innumerable development possibilities in this entire region, including Purulia. It is our priority to connect every part of West Bengal with rail service. At present, development works worth 50 thousand crores have been approved in different parts of West Bengal. After May 2, when the BJP government is formed here, the section of the section up to Danapuni in West Bengal will also start the work of the freight corridor. Purulia will also be associated with this and many employment opportunities will be created here. Emphasis will be given on agro-based industries here so that the youth of this place can get employment here. Skill development will be focused on youths of Dalit, Adivasi, and backward areas to connect them with employment.


Mamta's ruthless government in Bengal

If Didi, who spoke about mother, Manus, and Mati, would have developed affection for Dalits, Backwards and Adivasis, she would have developed here. But they have prepared an army of Maoist mafia here. Everybody knows that the sand mafia and coal mafias have got their share here. Didi has encouraged the Maoists and their people have to bear the brunt of this.


Purulia has always been unfair

This area has always been treated unfairly. Even while living in Delhi, I kept understanding the pain and problems here. Your right was taken away and given to someone else. I know that my siblings from the OBC community have been betrayed here.


Those who questioned Batla House were exposed

The people of Bengal remember when you accused the country's army of trying to overthrow. Everyone remembers with whom you stood when Pulwama was attacked. The court of Delhi took a very big decision. It is connected to Batla House. This decision exposed the face of terrorism and those who supported them. An inspector was martyred in this, but no one can forget the behavior of Mamta Didi and her party at that time. Then they stood with terrorism. Appeasement is also the only reason to wind up infiltration in Bengal. No one had such expectation from Didi on this land teaching Vande Mataram to India.


Mamta's injury was also mentioned

To us, Didi is also a daughter of India, whose honor is enshrined in our rites. When he got hurt, we also got worried. I pray that his injury is cured at the earliest. Friends, West Bengal can progress only when all parties come together in the development process. But Didi did not consider the Dalits, backward and tribals here as her own. The biggest loss of weight here has been done to the tribals and the poor. Cheap rice is sent to the poor from the center here, even the labs of TMC do not leave it. Last year, at the time of Corona, tons of rice and grains were arranged, and the toddlers of Didi scam in that too.


Weigh-ins will be defeated

This time the weighbridges will be defeated in the Bengal elections. The days of TMC in West Bengal are numbered. Mamta didi is also understanding this thing very well. Played Hobe, Played Hobe. When there is a resolve to serve the public, there is a resolution day and night for development, then the play is not played.


Didi said- Played Hobe, BJP said- Sonar Bangla Hobe

That is why Didi said, "Khelo Hobe", BJP said "Development". Didi said, "Khelo hobe, BJP says education." Didi said, "Khelo hobe", BJP says "Hoist of woman". Didi said, "Khelo Hobe", BJP said "complete development," Didi said, "Khela hobe", BJP said "Sonar Bangla hobe" Didi said that he played, BJP said that he did the job. Didi said, "Khelo Hobe", BJP said, "Hospital Hobe". Didi said that he played, BJP said that he did the job. Didi said, "Khelo hobe, BJP says school hobe".


TMC Means Transfer My Commission

Our policy is DBT. DBT ie Direct Benefit Transfer. There is a TMC policy in Bengal. TMC Means Transfer My Commission. We do direct benefit transfer. He is immersed in Transfer My Commission. May 2, Didi Jouche. This time not Bhoy, just Joey. This time a loud impression, a lotus impression.


The oppressor will be taken action according to the law

Bombs were hurled in North 24 Parganas on the previous day, BJP workers were targeted. This atrocity, Mafiaraj will not do. I would urge the local police and administration to keep democracy paramount. I assure every BJP worker that action will be taken against every oppressor as per law.


Will hand over the mafia to jail

The rule of law will be re-established under the BJP rule. The law will be handed over to the mafia and the oppressor. For us, the public is the form of God. 130 crore countrymen are the only God. We are engaged in their service. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa said that look at Shiva in the living being.


Ghosh gave signs for not contesting elections

Before Modi's rally, Bengal BJP President Dilip Ghosh has given indications of not contesting the elections. He said that he has not been named among the party's candidates so far. The party has decided that he is the state president, in such a situation the party has entrusted him with the responsibility of campaigning and contesting elections in the entire state.


8 phase election in Bengal

In West Bengal, voting will be held in 8 phases. Voting for 294-seat assembly 27 March (30 seats), 1 April (30 seats), 6 April (31 seats), 10 April (44 seats), 17 April (45 seats), 22 April (43 seats), 26 April (36 seats), is to be held on 29 April (35 seats).

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