Report from Tikari Border: Farmers put western toilet and CCTV cameras on the border; Preparations for growing vegetables too, say- when we have to stay here, we will be well

Posted on 16th Feb 2021 01:21 pm by rohit kumar

Shanti, who was cooking bread at a camp on the Tikari border, is now sure of her safety and convenience. The camp they are in now has a pucca toilet, geyser fitted bathroom, CCTV camera, and submersible pump. More than two-and-a-half months have passed since the farmer movement in Delhi against the three agricultural laws. Neither the government is ready to retreat nor the agitating farmers. The battle is going on between the two. In the midst of all this, now pucca constructions of farmers have started appearing on the borders, which have all the facilities of the house.


Shanti says, “Earlier we used to have trouble going to the washroom, we did not drink water throughout the day so that the toilet did not have to go. Now a firm toilet has been made for us, now we have no tension. ' Jagroop Singh, who is managing this camp, says, 'We have also built a shed for the ladies to stay. Having washroom facilities will help women stay free. Submersible pumps for water have also been installed in this camp and pucca gutters have been made for the toilet. Electricity is being taken from nearby transformers.


Camp director Manjot Singh says, 'About one lakh rupees have been spent on pumps and restrooms. Because of the coming summer, we are also arranging to install a tin shed and a cooler. Three to four lakh rupees can be spent. Manjot says, 'We have also installed CCTV cameras which are monitored by mobile. If the police ever comes, we will have videos available. We are also saving backup. '


According to Jagroop, a lawn is also being developed so that farmers can sit comfortably. Apart from this, filters are also being installed to clean the water. Jagroop says, 'We are preparing to stand tall here. We have no other way than to be seated. We will not back down, even if we have to sit here for many years. Twenty feet deep pit is also being dug nearby for the water used. Soon such pucca toilets will also be built.


But, where is the money coming from? Farmer leaders have said on this question that we have not yet made such concrete construction under any scheme. These leaders say that different organizations involved in the United Front are building some concrete at their level. Some people are helping in private. Apart from Tikri, such pucca fronts are also being built on the Singhu border, but at present, their number is small and most are made by someone's efforts.


We'll stay here no matter when


The group of Satpal Singh, who runs a tea anchor nearby, has now put a tin and erected a wall with cement bricks. They say, 'If the goods of the anchor were soaked in the rain, then with the support of the people, we built this concrete. Winters have passed, now we are preparing for summer. Summer and rain will cut everything here. ' He says, 'We have spent more than one lakh rupees on this construction. We have got these solid bricks donated. We are getting the full support of the society. On the prolongation of the movement, he says, 'We will not be disappointed from here. The government is thinking that the time for harvesting is coming, the farmer will return, but we will not return. We will stay here even if we have to stay. '


Trolleys on the Tiki border are now more organized than before. Here, farmers are now constructing a park on the vacant land along the Rohtak bypass. The land has been cleaned and poured into the soil. Flowering plants, green grass, and chairs have been planted. Farmers sitting on comfortable chairs and discussing, "Now when we have to stay here, we will be well." Will grow vegetables and flowers on empty land.


The sarpanch of Gholia Khurd village, who came from Moga, has cleaned the land on the Tiki border and built a Kisan Haveli, which is becoming very popular. Here flowering plants have been planted in pots by making road-side stairs. A lawn of green grass has been built and adventure tents have also been installed. Youth involved in the movement are posting pictures and videos on social media from here.


Submersible pumps for water have also been installed here and western-style toilets have also been installed. A big pandal is being built in which people can live comfortably in summer. Along with this, small camps are also being built.


Gursevak says, 'As the need arises, facilities will be developed. Necessity is the mother of invention. ' He says, 'Farmers have the power to grow gold from the soil. Now if we have to stay here, we will be well. We are building a park. Also making volleyball courts. They say, 'They are putting up clothes tents for the summer. If hundred or two hundred people come, then there is complete arrangement for their stay. Whatever facilities are in the house, all of them will be found in the Kisan Haveli. '


On how long the movement will last, he says, 'As long as the government wants it. We have no other way than to sit here. We must sit in peace and patience to win the truth. We will just sit here. We do not have to be disappointed under any circumstances. If the arrangement of stay here is good then people will be happy.

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