What did Biden say on China that the White House had to clarify

Posted on 22nd Oct 2021 03:52 pm by rohit kumar

US President Joe Biden has said that the US will defend Taiwan if China attacks Taiwan. President Biden has given this statement, taking a different line from America's old stance on Taiwan.


The US President was asked if America would defend Taiwan, Biden said, "Yes, we are committed to doing so."


But a White House spokesman later told US media that the remarks should not be taken as a change in policy.


On the other hand, Taiwan has said that Biden's statement will not change its policy regarding China. There is a law in America under which it has been said to help in the security of Taiwan. But there is no clarity in the US about what China will do if it attacks Taiwan. America's stand is called a 'strategic screw'.


What did Biden and the White House say?

A participant in the American news channel CNN's townhall program recently referred to reports of China's alleged hypersonic missile test and asked whether Biden was committed to defending Taiwan. What will Biden do to face China's military?


In response to these questions, Biden said, "Yes and yes. There is no need to despair that they are getting stronger because China, Russia, and the rest of the world know that our army is the most powerful in the history of the world.


Biden was asked by CNN anchor Andersen Cooper another question that if China attacks Taiwan, will America come forward to help? To this Biden said, "Yes, we are committed to doing this."


But a White House spokesman later clarified Biden's remarks and said that the US has not announced any changes to its policy. This isn't the first time this has happened.


Earlier in August, Biden made a similar statement on Taiwan in an interview with ABC News. Even at that time, the White House clarified that there was no change in America's policy on Taiwan.


What did Taiwan and China say on Biden's statement?


Taiwan's presidential office said that we will neither bow under pressure nor will we take any hasty steps if we get any support. Taiwan's presidential spokeswoman, Xavier Cheng, said: "Taiwan will vigorously defend itself."


Cheng acknowledged that the Biden administration of America has consistently given solid support to Taiwan. China has yet to react to Biden's statement.


But before Biden's statement at the town hall on Thursday, China's ambassador to the United Nations, Chang Jun, called the US to stand on Taiwan dangerous.


Tensions between Taiwan and China have escalated in recent weeks. Dozens of Chinese fighter jets encroached on Taiwan's airspace.


China and Taiwan's complicated relationship


Tensions between China and Taiwan are historic. China and Taiwan were divided during the civil war in the 1940s. Since then, Taiwan calls itself an independent country, while China sees it as an autonomous province and talks of forceful annexation if necessary.


Taiwan has its constitution, democratically elected leaders, and nearly three million active soldiers.


Only a few countries have recognized Taiwan. Most countries consider Taiwan a part of China. The US also does not have official diplomatic relations with Taiwan. But America sells weapons to him under the Taiwan Relations Act. That law states that the US will provide necessary help for Taiwan's self-defense.

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