The Stranger
It was a late night in September, The beginning of autumn, When the image of a stranger Appeared on the left corner of my laptop.   He was t

A Perfect Friend
A friend is someone we turn to when our spirits need a lift, A friend is someone we treasure for our friendship is a gift. A friend is someone who

My Sleeping Angel
my sleeping angel I opened my eyes and saw an angel I took his hand and he lead me to paradise we sat and our fate was revealed I saw destiny with

I Love Your Cute Smile
I love your eyes and your soft sighs. I love your inner beauty, too. I love the way each passing day You give a love so warm and true.   I l

Inner Peace In Life
The wind whistles past my ears. Closing my eyes, I lose all my fears. The waves crash into the rocks. Out here there is no time on my clock.  

It Is Gone
The way I used to smile, and love our favorite song The way it felt so right and now today it feels so wrong Today it is much harder for me to ca

Forever Friends
The friendship we have is so rare to find. We hate to see each other in a bind. We have made each other laugh so hard we've cried. We feel each oth

Why Me Why You
why is it when I look in your eyes, I see the love burning inside me. why is it when you hug me, the world melts with us.   why is it when y

Secret Lover
I've never been the type to say what I feel So basically I keep everything inside And with you, it was no different I want to tell you, believe me,

You Will Never See Me Fall
You may see me struggle, but you won't see me fall. Regardless if I'm weak or not, I'm going to stand tall. Everyone says life is easy, but truly

Lost Love..
I still love you. we were friends with him when he introduced me to you. I instantly found you attractive, funny, humorous, lively, and happy-go-

Opposites I say yes and you say no I say bye and you say hello Butterfly's fly and penguins swim Professionals lie and adventures go on a whim If

A Single Kiss
If one name is but a glimpse of their soul Then we are simple machines on cruise control When you put a name on a term such as love Then it is mere

My Promises For You
If you were my rose, then I'd be your sun, painting your rainbows when the rains come. I'd change my orbit to banish the night, as to keep you in m

True Joy In Life
I'll be happy once I've done this certain thing. We all say this often, not realizing what it brings. We look only to the future for our happiness,

Wait For Me
I know so little about you, But I'm falling in love with you. I have been since the day we met. When your eyes met mine   My heart stopped o

I'll Be There
I'll be there for you no matter what. I'll hold your hand when you're crying from that bad breakup. I'll say you're too good for him. You'll tell m

A Walk To Remember
A walk to remember I wish to have with you. By the seashore, In the breeze, Hand in hand, Bare feet. Feeling the warmth of the sand, Just you a

I Wished For Your Love On A Shooting Star
I wished for your love on a shooting star and didn't think my wish would get too far. Then you opened your heart and let me in, that's where this c

My Steps..
Since all my steps are audience of my past, a past damasked by relevant joys, pain, growth and overloaded with treasure and souvenirs. Every new st


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