Without You
All these days and nights without you here, It's a little bit more than I can bear. The days are cold and so very long. I don't know how much longe

Friendship, Love & Games
You came into my life so quick A beautiful friendship happened in a wink My feelings turned to love I wondered if you felt the same or if it was w

Love Is...
I believe that love is loyalty. It will always have your back. It will bravely stand in front of you If someone should attack.   Its support

New Love True Love
"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" Are the words you'd hear Will Shakespeare say. But, my love, I'm not the bard. This poetry thing is very

Go With Grace
Each morning of this month When you rise upon your bed, May it be with renewed grace To face the day ahead. May favor and laughter Be what this

Wishes Don't Come True
I wish there were words to express how I feel, But no words I see will do. No words exist to convey my pain Or the love I feel for you.   Th

A Time To Talk
When a friend calls to me from the road And slows his horse to a meaningful walk, I don't stand still and look around On all the hills I haven't ho

Love Struck Smiles
Silly love-struck smiles There's only one true style Clueless and happy Not too fake and sappy   Joy shows itself in more than one place It

You're My Everything
You're the beauty in the sunrise, The soft warmth shining in the trees. Joyful lightness that's in your eyes, The slightest tingling from the breez

A Day Away..
Some feelings are shallow, some feelings are deep. Some make us smile, some make us weep.   Some we love, some we don't. Some we'll savor, so

You Have Shattered Every Memory Of Us
You have drowned every emotion of us, Held it underwater until it could no longer breathe. You have shattered every memory of us, Like glass, touch

Your Special Friend
Friendship is like life. It goes away, And comes again.   Friendship can be broken, Like a special china, Or like a heart.   Friends

The One...
I hope you find the one who quiets the screams. I hope you find the one that understands your silence. I hope you find the one that is patien

My Love....
From the moment our eyes met, My soul could never forget. You handed me your number on a scrap piece of paper And walked away with my heart. Who w

Everyone Is Searching
Everyone is searching for the missing piece in life. The key to unlock the door and steal back all lost time.   Searching, looking, restless

It Feels Like A Lifetime Ago
Feels like a lifetime ago that I loved like that. Wanting more and more and more. There are no photographs. No forgotten sweatshirts. No saved b

Just Who You Are Its Important
You've got quite an easy style with a tender heart to match, and how you'd wear a cheerful smile then that kindly voice attach. You are a joy to b

I Will Want To Grow Old With You
You can take me on a holiday but I prefer to sit at home you can buy me chocolate and roses but I just want your hand to hold you can dine with me

Don't Go Far Off, Not Even For A Day
Don't go far off, not even for a day, because -- because -- I don't know how to say it: a day is long and I will be waiting for you, as in an empty

Memory Album
​Memories are life's special moments Borrowed from the passing of time. Ghosts and shadows from bygone days, Etched and stored inside our mind.


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