If I Could Tell You
When I see you in the morningit brightens up my daythere are so many thoughts on my mindso many words I want to sayI want to tell you how I feelbut th

The Game
I've lostyounot only your love but also youas my dear friendwho wasalways there for meWhen I was cryingWhen I was bleedingWhen I just needed a hugor n

A New Beginning
Something happened to me when our relationship died,Something happened to me right when we said goodbye.I felt so different, I had no heart.We had bro

Once in your life you make the friends that are trueNothing else matters except what's between them and youYou don't know if anyone has ever before fe

I thought it was a dream, I thought it wasn't realBut pain really hurts and its really how I feelMemories keep coming back, and so do all of the tears

Faithful, Unsure Love
Through all the storms and struggles—All the fights and tussles’,All the disrespect, and abuse, My love was always true.When you made me cry, made

Friends For Life
We are FriendsI got your backYou got mine,I'll help you outAnytime!To see you hurtTo see you cryMakes me weepAnd wanna dieAnd if you agreeTo never fig

Best Buddies Forever
God Sent Me You At A Moment In My LifeWhen He Knew I Needed A CompanionOnly He Knew Who Was Best For MeAnd Knew Everyplace I Had BeenOnly God Could Gi

Best Friends
if someone said what's a best friendI'd have to say someone who's there, till the bitter endsomeone who listens when times get shitsomeone who'll tell

FriendYou and I are friendsYou laugh, I laughYou cry, I cryYou scream, I screamYou run, I runYou jump, I jumpYou jump off abridge, I'm going to miss y

Forever On My Mind
Forever on my mindI don’t know why god blessed me,With such good friends as youWhen my pain gets me downAnd I just don’t know what to doI just thi

I'm sorry friend I don't know what to doI try so hardto be a better person to you I screw up a lot and I ignore you tooI don't know why but I still lo

Key 2 my HE@RT!!!!!
As i feel d tear go down my cheek, I notice that my heart is weak, For the love i have 4 you, will always be gold and tr

Hame to Apno Ne Luta....!!!!
अरे हमें तो अपनों ने लूटा,

I wish...
I wish to die, I wish to cry, I wish to smile before I die. I wish to dance, I wish to laugh, I wish i'd wings And I could fly. I wish

Ruke Na Tu, Jhuke Na tu
Dharaa hilaa, Gagan gunjaa!Nadi bahaa, Pawan chalaa!Vijay teri, Vajah teri!Jyoti si jal, jalaa!Bhujaa bhujaa, phadak phadak!Rakt me, dhadak dhadak!Dha

Why Mother is so special?
When I came home in the rain, Brother asked why you didn’t take an umbrella. Sister advised why you didn't wait till rain stopped. Fathe

24th year
Merely a boy 24 years old,Mysteries of life, stories untold.24 summers made me grow,Memories of 24 winters pass to and fro.I still discover what lies

Its not the way you think
Its not that I want to hurtIts just a wrongly put effortIts not that I mean to offendIts what I say, I never intendIts not that I expect anythingIts j

Marital Rape of a Man
With dreams of Happy lifegot married and brought home his wifewith zillion thoughts he entered his roomonly to find his bride sound asleepwas touched


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