Faithful, Unsure Love

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Through all the storms and struggles—
All the fights and tussles’,
All the disrespect, and abuse,
My love was always true.

When you made me cry, made me feel unloved,
I was always there by your side.
No matter what you did or what you said,
I was proud to be your girl.

My love for you is greater than anything in this world,
You know that no one can love you like I do.
Everything we have been through,
I was faithful to you, and only you.

I was your girl, your boo;
But all you ever did was treat me like garbage.
You said, “Baby you know I love you.”
But true love doesn’t break my heart.

I tried and tried to look past it,
But the more I tried, the more I saw the real you.
All the lies, all the deceit,
You must have thought you were slick.

To love you more than anything,
Would be ignorant on my part.
I can’t image my life without you,
But I can’t image my life with you.

I deserve more than what you give me,
Better than what I have now.
Growing up is something that you need to do.
My love for you is always there….
But my heart is moving on to better things.

-Shana Worthen

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