Free From A Bad Relationship

Posted on 3rd Jul 2020 03:40 pm by rohit kumar

As I sit in my corner and think about your lies,

I have nothing else to do but break down and cry.

You knew it would end,

You knew it would die,

You knew one day we'd have to say goodbye.

You told me you loved me,

You told me you cared,

But the rage inside has slowly flared.

The moments we shared replay in my head,

Along with all the sweet lies you said.

You thought it was a game,

You thought you'd win,

But in the end, you felt nothing within.

Deep down inside there was a big space

That I now realize you couldn't replace.

Something about you helped me see

That without love I'm finally free.

Free from pain,

Free from lies,

Free from having tear-filled eyes.

Without your love I finally see

All the horrid things you've come to be.

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ishq hi khuda hai


um jo kahte hume

Hum jaan laga dete

Aangan aapka sajane

Hum sara aasman s


कभी कड़ी धूप सी परेशानियाँ

जलाती र

parwah nahi kuch dam ki

कस ली है कमर अब तो, कुछ करके दिखाएंगे,

Till I Breathe My Last

When you love and hold me without any fear

Happiness spreads throughout the atmosphere.

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