Friendship Poems

I'm Glad I Have A Friend Like You

It started as just a hug and grew into a kiss,

A friendship that had blossomed to more th

Forgive Me, My Friend

Forgive me, my friend,

If I ever ask about it,

The long-distance and parting,

A Letter To An Old Friend

Childhood friends? I hope we still are.

Years have put space between us and now you seem

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Friends are far, friends are near.

Friends will be there to lend an ear.

They lis

Perks Of Having A Friend

Sharing sorrows, sharing needs,

Sharing happiness, exchanging deeds.

These are th

Best Buddies Forever

God Sent Me You At A Moment In My Life

When He Knew I Needed A Companion

Only He

Real Friends

There's this little thing called friendship.

I experience it every day,

And I wil

To My Treasured Friend

Though there is gold up in the mountains,

Lovely pearls deep in the sea,

Those tr

That's What Friends Are For

A friend is not just someone who hangs out with you.

A friend is someone who cares about

The Cake Of Friendship

Preheat the oven of love

With plenty of secrets and hugs.


Mix in g

Special True Friend

It has meant so much

Having you as a friend.

You will always be a part of me

For A Best Friend

Through tears and fights,

Through smiles, I knew everything

It would be all right

Forever Freinds

The friendship we have is so rare to find.

We hate to see each other in a bind.


Goodbye, My Dearest Friend

The hardest part of any friendship

is when it is time to say goodbye,

and even th

What Friendship Means

Friendship means being there just to be there.

Friendship means listening and not asking

You're Always There For Me

You're always there when I need a hand,

Pushing me, helping me.

You're there when

I Am Always There - You're Never Alone

When you're feeling down and blue,

And life is being cruel to you,

Just remember

My Best Friend


Best friends are angels

That God sent along.

They always stay besi

A Friend Found In Music

Music is the ocean

That pulls me to the shore.

Music is the rhythm

That m


सुख-दुख के अफसाने का,

ये राज है सदा


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