Night Noises

Posted on 19th Sep 2020 04:06 pm by rohit kumar

My parents' bedroom is far from mine, so I have to wonder

What the noise is every night that sounds a lot like thunder.

We don't live near the seashore, but almost every morn

I'm awakened by a noise that sounds like a foghorn.


It's louder than the sound of barking dogs at night

Or a fireworks explosion that lights the sky real bright.

A chainsaw cutting logs doesn't make as much din,

Nor did the wall coming down way over in Berlin.


A jet plane at takeoff will get your attention quick,

As will a jackhammer engaged in busting up some brick.

But neither equals the clamor from Mom and Dad's bedroom,

Worse than a stick of dynamite at the moment of KABOOM!


At last, I figured out the source of all the raucous roaring.

It was only good old Dad engaging in some snoring

Mom says: "I don't mind; it's a Godsend

That all that wind isn't coming out the other end."

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