What Do I See In You

Posted on 19th Sep 2020 04:51 pm by rohit kumar

What do I see in you? Oh boy. Oh boy,

I see mountains and rivers a lifetime of joy,

I see the sun shining on the greyest day,

I see clouds of silver lining my way,


What do I see in you? Oceans of blue,

Colorful rainbows, morning dew,

Trees of glory displaying leaves of green,

I see goodness and beauty in all living things.


I hear creatures of darkness prowling the night,

But I'm safe in your arms as you hold me real tight,

I feel the whispers of the wind entwining my soul,

I feel you breathing, that makes me whole.


I feel thunder and lightning, whenever you're near,

I feel whispers of love wind brings to my ear,

But of all of the things that nature may bring,

It's your love I cherish above everything.


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