Poems On Life

The Guitar Of Time
On a guitar of time, he played pleasant tunes, the rhymes of his life were sung by the moon.   Always keep moving, he never looked behind, st

Life's Own Battle
Didn't want a battle, Yet you declared war, Each knock you gave me made me stronger than before. I will not give up, I will not give in. You won'

You Will Never See Me Fall
You may see me struggle, but you won't see me fall. Regardless if I'm weak or not, I'm going to stand tall. Everyone says life is easy, but truly

Finding Hope
I've always viewed life from the sidelines, Just watching it passing me by. In the past, too afraid to just let go and live, And lately too tired t

The Best Meaning Of Life
The Years have passed by, In the blink of an eye, Moments of sadness, And joy has flown by.   People I loved, Have come and have gone, But

Care And Happiness
You came as a ray of light, Made my life cheerful and bright, Showering your affection over me So that my face was full of glee. Taking away my co

Live Life To Fullest
Life is like an old house; it gets used, worn-out and old. Then it's time to move to another. Life is just a place where your soul lives while it's

Just Want A Happy Life
I live with depravity, Pressure like gravity. Why can't they just see I want to live happily?   Surrounded by poverty, The cravings of obes

Start Fresh
I wanna start fresh...   and forget this place, the wicked world I live in, but not forget how glorious and essential it was to me. Forget th

Book: A Title Of Life
Life is a series of written pages, Climaxes and minimum wages. The words so carefully written As life is craftily laden.   The hope of lover

Don't Neglect Your Love
Love is like a bicycle Left out in the storm If it's not protected Rust begins to form   So unless you want your bicycle To slowly rust awa

Lessons Taught
Sit up straight, speak with grace Be a lady, fashionably late. Always walk tall, you can have it all.   Love with a passion give from the h

Life Is Now
Time flies and memories fade. People change and new friendships are made. Only the truth remains forever at our side. Eventually, the disappointmen

Hope Is In The Seasons
Hope is in the springtime, When the first bird of the year chirps. When the first bud opens, And the sweet perfume of flowers is in the air.  

In Good Time...
Life can seem an endless maze, The twists and turns, lulls and delays, But things always fall into place... In good time.   Friends will som

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover
Do not judge me From the outside, Because all you will see Is my stupid pride.   It's like the saying Don't judge a book by its cover. My

Find Your Drive
Sometimes you have to push yourself just to get out of bed. You stay up 'til 2 am just wishing you were dead. You ask yourself, "Why can't it be som

Faith And Courage In Life
In life, some people will hurt us and cause us pain, but we must learn to forgive and forget and not hold grudges. In life there are mistakes we wil

Trials In Life
Sometimes you may think you're alone, And your feelings make you seem like a clone. Deep down you are whole, Not an empty bowl. Someone loves you,

Never Give Up
Never give up, Never give in. Move onward and upward with strength from within. Always believe, Always look forward. Never be the one who is seen


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