How can i use [] tags instead of <> tags for profiles??

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 01:33 pm by admin

On my site im making ive made it so u can register, login and u have a profile which u can update..

thats the site, if u go on there, regsiter and login u will see that u can then 'edit my profile' then u update it and view ur page and its updated..but i was playing around with it earlier and found a few bugs with it and i think the HTML tags to use in profile mess about with things (when u originaly regsiter Tags are removed from ur inputed text before its entered to the database)

I need to know how i can make it so, were u wuld originally use <b>test</b> u cna use test so then it wont mess about with ur script...

id like to know how i can make it so wen u register, u HAVE to put a real email (sumin@sumin.sumin) because at the moment u can just put '123' as email adress

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