Scheduler problems related to execution of a single BLT by many schedules

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Hello all,

We are running several MII instances in a distibuted architecture using a single generic BL transaction to transfer different types of messages from the site instances to a single central instance. The central instance has several schedules that run the same generic transaction with different parameters in order to transfer different types of messages.

As far as possible we have tried to avoid overruns where two of these schedules are running at the same time, but eventually the scheduler becomes "stuck" where many of the "Next Run Time" values indicated on the Scheduler table are in the past. When in this state the Scheduler page indicates that the transactions are running, but no messages are transferred.

Do we need to ensure that a transaction is never reused across different schedules, or is there another likely cause for the problems we are experiencing (e.g. scheduled next run times not updating when the MII instance is restarted)?


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