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Posted on 16th Feb 2014 01:33 pm by admin

I have been racking my brain trying to get this function to work properly and it is doing so for everything but Sundays. What I am trying to do is display all dates within a specified date range that fall within a selected day of the week (ie. Monday,etc). This function serves multiple purposes where it can be used for just one day of the week, for all weekdays, or weekends. Everything works but Sundays do not show up. Can anyone please help or suggest any other function that will accomplish what I am trying to do?

Here is the code:

function getDOW($moBeg, $dayBeg, $moEnd, $dayEnd, $year, $dayWeek) {
$week = 0;
$dayBeg = $dayBeg - 1;
$DOW = array();
$i = 1;
//Get first date of specified day from the beginning of the date range
if ($dayWeek == 0){
$week = date("w", mktime(12, 0, 0, $moBeg, $dayBeg, $year));
else {
while ($week != $dayWeek) { //Specify the day of the week (ie. Monday = 1)
$week = date("w", mktime(12, 0, 0, $moBeg, $dayBeg, $year));
array_push($DOW,date("Ymd", mktime(12, 0, 0, $moBeg, $dayBeg, $year)));
$weekBeg = date("W", mktime(12, 0, 0, $moBeg, $dayBeg, $year));
$weekEnd = date("W", mktime(12, 0, 0, $moEnd, $dayEnd, $year));
while ($weekNum < $weekEnd) {
$addWeek = strtotime(date("r", mktime(12, 0, 0, $moBeg, $dayBeg, $year)) . "+" . $i . " week");
$addWeekConv = date("Ymd", $addWeek);
$weekNum = date("W", $addWeek);
if (substr($addWeekConv,0,4) == $year && substr($addWeekConv,4,2) <= $moEnd){
//Conditional fixes problem where an extra date from next month or year is added
return $DOW;

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