Eight Steps on Your Road to Success

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Being a success is a complex journey; it is like a trek into an unknown wilderness, requiring various levels of planning, acquiring knowledge, building confidence and determination, an ability to focus, and many of the other crucial characteristics of the great pioneering adventurers. The type of success that you are seeking may be very different to being the first to climb Mt Everest, but it is as well that you bear such an adventure in mind as you steer your way to your chosen destiny. Whatever it is, take small steps. Here is one possible approach to achieving success, through taking eight steps: Success Step 1 - SWOT Analysis Carry out a SWOT analysis of yourself; that is, analyse your personal strengths and weaknesses, your opportunities and threats. Using SWOT analysis is a business tool that is easy to apply to yourself. To show you really mean business, ask friends, family and colleagues to check it out for you. There is no point in deluding yourself, and you could learn some very useful things that will aid your success. Success Step 2 - Check List of What is Needed to Succeed Now that you have a broad idea of your strengths and weakness, you should check them against what is needed to achieve success in your chosen field. What is needed can include personal characteristics such as persistence, determination, and ability to listen and deal with set backs. Success Step 3 - Discuss With Those Close to You Having taken stock of what is required to succeed in your chosen route, discuss it with anyone close to you who will be affected by your efforts. Remember, it is better to have strong support from those closest to you, especially if their lifestyle may be affected by your ambitions. Success Step 4 - Make a Final Decision to Pursue Your Dream and Set Firm Objectives Having gone through the assessment stages, and cleared everything with those who are very close to you, it is final decision time. Are you going for success, or holding back? If you have decided to go for your chosen success, then set yourself some firm objectives, or even just one firm objective; your own Mt Everest if you like. Success Step 5 - Planning Your Success Put together an outline plan of what you need to do to achieve the success for which you strive. It can be a list to begin with, a check list of everything you have to do, including such things as knowledge gaps you need to fill, skills you need to acquire, and weaknesses you must address to guarantee long term success. Set yourself a sensible timetable, breaking your ultimate success down into appropriate stages that make it easier for you to monitor progress. It is useful to learn from others who have gone for the same goal, and see how long it took them, and what their difficulties and setbacks were. That will help you to be better prepared than they were for dealing with problems along the way. If you know how to do network and critical path analysis, then do so to help get your plan on a realistic basis, with correct priorities for each action and phase. Success Step 6 - Monitor Progress Monitoring your progress against the plan is vital. You may think you are doing well, when in fact you have omitted something critical or are far behind in a crucial task. Your plan is not set in stone; as part of your monitoring process, revise your plan to fill in the gaps and revise priorities. You will be learning all the time, so as you proceed your planning will become more and more accurate. Step 7 - Be Frankly Critical With Yourself You are getting closer to your goal, but need to follow through so you do not let yourself down in the final stages. Take a critical look at what you have achieved so far, maybe at the half way stage, and tell yourself frankly what and where you need to do better. Ask yourself if there are any obstructions to your ultimate success and how you can deal with them. Determine where you are letting yourself down, and decide what to do about it. Then add your new actions to your plans. Step 8 - The Final Climb to the Peak You are now getting close to your ultimate success; the peak is in sight, and the adrenalin is flowing as you prepare for the final assault on the summit - your goal is about to be reached. This is a time to take stock again, and prepare immaculately, leaving nothing to chance. A final check of your equipment, your knowledge, your health and your determination. Are they all ready to go? If so, then you are on your way, there is no stopping you now. You are a success; slip ups are out of the question. Congratulations! Now, what is the next success project?

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