Insert to MySQL inside foreach

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

I am parsing some html, and putting inside an html db.
I need to create a randomized integer to be a unique identifier, and i chose just to use time().

But I foreach the results, and inside here i do the inserting.
But when i call time() in foreach, it'll be the same for every entry parsed.

foreach code:
Code: foreach($linjerMatches[1] as $k=>$v) {
echo $fylke." <b>".$linjerMatches[1][$k]."</b> ".time()."<br />";

//$sql = "INSERT INTO ruteinfo_linjer(fylke,identifier,linje) VALUES('".$fylke."', '".time()."', '".$linjerMatches[1][$k]."')";
//$result = mysql_query($sql, $linkID) or die("Error");
time() will output the same for every row. How can i fix that?

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