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Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Hi all,

I'm a flash front end designer and I've taken on a project that needs some back end php.
It's not completely greek to me as I write actionscript in flash which is an OO language.
However... I need a script that accomplishes quite a lot of stuff at once and after a lot of
cut and paste from the net I just can't make it work.
So all and any advice, snippets, help, ideas, much appreciated.
I need to do this: (ideally via a Flash front end but html if it has to) !

User uploads an image to a directory called "gallery" (file type and size restricted).
The script counts the images in the directory, then renames the new image to total +1.
i.e. if there are 30 images then the new one becomes 31.jpg.
The script then declares a variable (for flash to read) of the total number of images.
"total_img=31" (or similar).
Finally a success message for the user.

Many thanks

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