Multi-image upload problems

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Lets see if I can get some help on this one. Can anyone show me what I am doing wrong here. I'm just trying at this point to verify that the form inputs will work right. $max_img is set to 6. Here is the code:

Code: <form enctype='multipart/form-data' name='inputform' method='post' action='".FUSION_SELF."?op=Add'>

for($i=1; $i<=$max_img; $i++){
echo "<tr><td>".$locale['CLS_0103']."$i:</td><td>
<input class='textbox' type='file' name='image[]' size='45' maxlength='150' value='http://'></td></tr>";



//image upload handling

$array = (isset($_POST['image']));
$list = implode(",",$array);
$ad_pic = $list;
$list_array = explode(",",$ad_pic);
foreach($list_array AS $picture) {

echo $picture."<br />";


// end upload handling

After 'die' executes I get no output

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