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Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Hi Chaps,

I have a repeat region, displaying rows of data: jobid, fromtable, translatorcharge
In each row there is an input field to enter a cost for each job 'charge'.
Code: (text) <input type="text" name="translatorcharge" id="count" class="price" value="<?php echo $row_rsInvPending['jobtranslatorcharge']; ?>"/>
I have a hidden input that collects the information for each row, before sending all the information to a script page:
Code: (text) <?php
$table_name = $row_rsInvPending['fromtable'];
$item_id = $row_rsInvPending['jobid'];
<input type="hidden" name="jobinvsent[]" value="<?php echo $table_name; ?>:<?php echo $item_id; ?>:<?php $_POST['translatorcharge'] ?>" />
The script page then updates the translatorcharge column in the relevant table:
Code: (text) $allowed_tables = Array('tbl_jobs','tbl_jobtransline','tbl_jobxml'); // to prevent SQL injection
foreach($_POST['jobinvsent'] as $var) {
$arr = explode(':', $var);
if(in_array($arr[0], $allowed_tables)) {
$table = $arr[0];
$rowid = $arr[1];
$transcharge = $_POST['translatorcharge'];
if(is_numeric($rowid)) {
// run your SQL query here to update $table where row matches $rowid
$mess = $ref = $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']; header( 'refresh: 0; url='.$ref);
$query = sprintf("UPDATE $table SET jobtranslatorcharge='$transcharge' WHERE jobid=$rowid");
$result = mysql_query($query, $conndb2) or die(mysql_error());
else {
$mess = "<p>There was a problem</p>";
The problem is, although I'm entering different values for each row, only the last entered value is being passed to the array and therefore updating all rows with the same value.
My questions is, how can I 'individualise' each input, relating to each row?

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