Checking if field is empty AND using !is_numeric

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Hi lads,

Need to be able to display an error message (using isset?) that says "Cant leave field blank" when someone clicks on submit after leaving the field blank. The problem is that I'm also using the !is numeric function and that has an error message of "please enter numbers only" . Problem is that if someone leaves the field blank, the !is_numeric function picks up that there are no numbers before isset does and therefore outputs "please enter numbers" .

Anyone have any idea's how to fix this ?
My code is :

| <?phpfunction validate_form(){ $entered_grade = trim($_REQUEST['entergrade']); $error = ''; if (! isset($entered_grade)) { $error .= "<span class="error">You cannot leave the grade blank. Enter a mark between 0 and 100.</span>
"; }if (! is_numeric($entered_grade)) { $error .= "<span class="error">Invalid Input. You must enter a NUMBER between 0 and 100</span>
"; } if ($entered_grade >=101 ) { $error .= "<span class="error">Invalid Input. The marks must be between 0 and 100.</span>
"; } return $error;}


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