question about stripslashes and real_escape_string

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

im cleaning up an old app that I wrote fixing some of the vulernabilities from attacks.

I have roughly 30 files. I want to be able to edit every $_POST and $_GET

Code: $value=$_POST['value'];
my instinct would be to edit every file and do it manually

Code: $value=$_POST['value'];


but if there was a faster way it would make my life easier. What I would like to do is to maybe create a function i can put at the top of every page or into my global.php which is included into every page that would do something like this

if (get_magic_quotes_gpc()) {

$value = stripslashes($value);

i dont intend to have magic quotes on, but other people might on there servers.

I just need every $_POST or $_GET within my script to be automaticly cleaned or filtered from SQL Injections

I saw something a long time ago where it was something they put at the top of there page, this will be completely wrong, but i will give u an example of what it looked like

Code: $_GET = array_map('mysql_real_escape_string', $_GET);
$_POST = array_map('mysql_real_escape_string', $_POST);
$_COOKIE = array_map('mysql_real_escape_string', $_COOKIE);
$_REQUEST = array_map('mysql_real_escape_string', $_REQUEST);

im not to sure how that goes about effecting everything, where to put it, etc

Any ideas or suggestions? Or am I stuck doing it manually.

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