grouping within a foreach?

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

hello all,

I currently have a list of products spit out from my db via a foreach loop. Right now I am styling these as a <li>

I want to style the list so that the annual and the monthly products are grouped together. This will probably mean using <div> instead of <li> and placing another loop inside the foreach to grab two products and put them in one div?

Any ideas how this might be structured??

should I use a for loop?

here is the current code:
Code: $productnames = '<center><table><tr><td><ul id="prodlist">'."n"; // list of products that can view this content
$show2all = false; // are one of the products the "all" flag?
$numcanview = 0; // the number of products that can view this post

foreach ($_product_id as $pid)

$pid = trim(strtolower($pid)); // make sure no extra spaces and not "ALL" or something

if ($pid=="all")

$show2all = true; // used later

} else {

$purl = $this->amprotectamroot.'member.php?price_group='.$allthepricegroups[$pid].'&product_id='.$pid;

$productnames .= '<li><a href="'.$purl.'">'.$alltheproducts[$pid].'</a></li>'."n";



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