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Yo Momma Got Promoted



Yo Mmomma is so bossy… she got promoted at her company way f

Yo Momma rocks

Yo Mama is so big… meaning, she runs the PTA and everyone knows her at the grocery store b

Steal In Yo Momma House

Yo mama's so stupid when thieves broke into her house and stole the TV, she chased after them sho

Yo Momma In Court

Yo mama's so stupid, when they said, "Order in the court," she asked for fries and a shake.

Yo Momma Stupid
Yo mama's so stupid, she stared at a cup of orange juice for 12 hours because it said "concentrate."

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Yo momma in ungly contest

Yo mamma is so ugly when she tried to join an ugly contest they said, "Sorry, no professionals."<

Yo momma new jokes

Yo momma is so fat when she got on the scale it said, "I need your weight not your phone number."

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Yo Mama is so big… meaning, she runs the PTA and everyone knows her at the grocery store b

Yo Momma Laugh

Yo Mama’s laugh… is so contagious that the CDC issued a travel ban on anyone who cam

Funny jokes yo momma

Yo Momma so fat, I bumped into her and said "Sorry, my mistake." And she said "Did you just say s

Spidy goes for pest control

Yo mama so dumb she called Spiderman for pest control.

Yo Momma Want Star wars


Yo mama's so fat, if she was a Star Wars character, her name would be Admiral Snac

Yo Momma jokes

Yo mama's so stupid she thought a quarterback was a refund.


Yo momma kill thanos

Yo Mama's so fat, it took Thanos two snaps to kill her.

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Yo mama's so fat, she was overthrown by a small militia group, and now she's known as the Republi

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Yo mama is so old and ugly that when the Lord said, “Let there be light&rdqu

Yo momma and Dora explorer


Your mama so fat that even Dora can explore her in many ways

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Yo mamma so stupid she’s sitting up a tree yelling at neighbors she’s

Yo momma go outside in red dress

yo momma so fat that when she went outside in a red dress everyone said "Heyy koolaid"


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